Chapter 5Mature

Dray’s POV


It is the first day of school, and I wanted to see all of my old friends. Once I parked and the car was off, I saw my best guy friend. I threw open my door and screamed his name, “Anjelo!!!!!!!”  I ran up to him and kissed him very close to his mouth. He calls me AL, so he calls me out in his deep, husky voice, even though I was right next to him. I scream, “AJ” even louder. He looks over to my car and whispers to me, “Who’s the hunk sitting on the hood of your car?”  I give a little eye roll and say, “That’s the guy I told you about.”  He turns around really quickly and says, “WHAT!!!”  I nod my head and walk over to my car to get my stuff. I take a look at Alex and I can see pure hate in his eyes.


Alex’s POV

We pull into the school’s parking lot. The cars in park, she’s out of it, running to a guy screaming his name. This guy was muscular, had tanned skin, and no doubt in my mind a football player as well as her boyfriend. Dray is in his arms and gives him a kiss near his lips. At this moment I want to go over there and rip his insides out. This AJ is looking at me while talking to her. All of a sudden he whirls around and says What!!! She’s walking toward me and I am so mad that it shows in my eyes.


The bell rings and I make my way into the building. I look at all the humans and grimace. Audrina is behind me while I go to the door marked office. All of a sudden a very exposed girl stands in front of me in a seductive pose. She doesn’t phase me at all, but I know well her intentions with me. I sure as hell won’t pass up this opportunity. This girls name is Jessica, I tell her mine. I ask her if she would accompany me in school today. “Sure,” it what comes out of her mouth. A glance behind me is all I need to know that Dray is fuming with anger and jealousy?


The morning goes by fast and I sit next to Jessica in those classes with Audrina behind us. At lunch I only eat what I find eatable which is not much. I’m sitting at a table full of jocks and way across the room, she sits with Charlie and her boyfriend. I start to play with Jessica’s hair and tell her how beautiful she is. There are no words coming out of her mouth, all there is are giggles. I do this for most of the lunch period. The afternoon goes by fast as well. Outside when the final bell has rung, and I’m leaning against Jess’s car. She is standing in front of me talking. I know Dray is getting angry, I just make it worse by giving her my number and kissing her on the cheek.  I walk to the car with a smug smile on my face knowing that I have made Dray mad. She says, “Get in the car.” and slams her door. I get in as well without saying a word. My pocket vibrates, I knew it was Jessica and I open my phone to see it is indeed a text message. Audrina was gripping the steering wheel so tight that her knuckles were turning white. I know what your thinking how could I be so mean to such a sweet girl. Well when this little sweet girl flaunts around with guys and kisses them. I’ve got a problem, for the fact that she’s not on my arm where everyone can see she is mine.


Dray’s POV

Jessica, the hugest slut in the world pushed her way in front of Alex. They said some stuff and then they were walking down the hall hand in hand. I was felling mad that it was not me, jealousy. Am I jealous that Alex doesn’t want me, but why should I be jealous?  The rest of the day has been going on agonizingly slow, due to Alex and Jessica sitting next to each other in every class I have. Lunch came and I was so relieved. I wouldn’t have to watch those two. I walked over to my usual table. Even though I can’t see them I can hear Jessica’s giggles, I know that he is flirting with her. I can barely concentrate on the conversation I am having with AJ. He snaps his fingers in my face, I just look at him and continue to eat in silence. The rest of the day goes the same, Alex and Jessica flirting. It’s the end of the day and all I want to do is go home and work out. I’m gripping the steering wheel so hard that my knuckles are turning white. I pull up into the driveway and get out of the car and slam my door. I stomp inside and go straight to the workout room. I see Dimetri and he knows that I’ve had a bad day and comes right over to give me a great big hug. He says, “Alex?”  I  begin to break down and he pulls me into his room that is connected to the workout room. I go to sit on his bed and he closes his door.

The End

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