Continuation of Chapter 4Mature

Dray’s POV

I sat down on the bed with Charlie and gave a heavy sigh. She looks at me with this smile and asks, “What in the hell happened. I go upstairs and I hear yelling. I just sat in here, and waited for you to come in.”  Charlie waits for my answer, “Well we kissed and the next thing I knew he was sucking my blood.”  I knew what she wanted to hear so I told her. “Yes, he was a damn fine kisser, and I wanted him so badly.”  She gives a little scream, and I’m so exhausted that I went right to bed.


It was the next day, and I walked downstairs. Demetri and Alex were there eating, at the counter. As soon as he saw me, he got up and walked out of the room. I looked at Demetri and asked, “What’s up with him?”  I got a shrug from him and then just went along and got ready to go to school.


It was time to leave for school, in the car I was driving and he was next to me staring out the window. I asked, “Are you ready for your first day in a human infested school?”  Alex gave me a how much I want you look but I can’t have you look, and then returned to staring out the window. So I left him alone for the rest of the ride.


Alex’s POV


I woke up from the most amazing dream of a beautiful woman; it was Audrina-Lynn Van-Helsing. I felt throbbing from down below and, I looked to see that I was becoming sexually aroused. I fixed it and continued with getting ready to head downstairs. When I got downstairs, I saw Demetri eating cereal at the counter. I stared at him, he looked up but I just sat down and had my breakfast. Audrina came in, I couldn’t handle being in the same room as her  because, she was wearing short shorts and a tank top that barely covered her toned, tan stomach. I just couldn’t handle it anymore so I left to go make sure I was prepared to go to school. We were in the car; she asked me if I was ready to go to her school. I looked over at her, and she looked at me with that beautiful smile, that showed in her eyes. I just had to look away for the fear of what I would do to her.



The End

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