Enemies Become Lovers Chapter 4Mature

Chapter 4


Alex’s POV


I asked for entrance, and she denied me. I wanted my tongue inside her mouth so I would press my hips against hers harder and harder. That wasn’t working so I grabbed her ass and I got in. We fought and I ended up winning, man I was blown away because she kissed so good. She broke away to get air and I couldn’t get enough of her. My lips traveled to her neck biting and sucking. I don’t know what came over me and all of a sudden I was biting her. My member was throbbing, and her blood tastes delicious. Audrina wrapped her legs around my waist, pressing against each other. All of a sudden I was ripped from her throat, by Demetri. She dropped to the floor since I was supporting her, and that was the last I saw of her since I was taken to my room.


We entered my room and I was on the floor with Demetri chocking the life out of me. Yelling, “You piece of bloodsucking shit. How dare you suck her blood, I should stab your non-beating heart and kill you.” Audrina’s dad came in and told Demetri to get off of me. He said, “My daughter told me everything, that it was her fault. I do not approve but I will excuse this one time. If I see you touch my daughter in anyway, have no doubt I will kill you.” Yes, sir”, I said and layed in my bed thinking of the one girl I wanted.



The End

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