Enemies Become Lovers Chapter 3Mature

Chapter 3


 So we walk down to the room and on our way we see some guys and Charlie gives a low whistle. Alex came forward and introduced all his friends, Carl, Tommy, Ken, and some others who I could care less about. “Well, whatever we’re going to the theater room to watch some movies.”   We noticed that all the guys were following us and Charlie goes to pick out the movie and put it in the DVD Player. Once the movie starts all the guys groan with the thought of watching some made up movie about vampires. I go to sit on the love seat and find Alex already there and seated. Oh well, doesn’t bother me so I just go and lay down with my head in his lap. I could tell he was startled by the way he jumped when my head landed in his crotch area. He settled down but he was still flustered, I smiled just a little and looked at Charlie and she was laughing in her usual chair.


The movie started and I couldn’t get comfortable so I kept wiggling. He sighed and he picked me up and lay down on his side with me in front. He rested his one arm over my torso and then he started to draw tiny circles on my stomach. I shivered at his touch and then I could feel a little friend poking me in the back. So I got up to get a snack and Charlie just bust out laughing and so did all the guys. I knew why so I tried to hide my giggles and went to sit next to Charlie. I looked back at Alex and he was glaring at me and if looks could kill I’d be six feet under. I turned around and watched the rest of the movie and then I went up to my room. Charlie stayed down in the room to hang with some of the guys. I didn’t notice that Alex was following me until I closed my door and I was pushed against the wall. I let a squeak escape my mouth but it was cut short when a pair of lips was pressed against mine. I knew by his smell that it was Alex and I just kissed him back.


Alex’s POV.

     Man this girl was trying my patience and as soon as put her head in my lap my resolve was wearing thin. Dray was wiggling around so much that my member was pulsing and wanted to become erect. So I decided to switch our positions and turned on my side and put her in front of me. I laid my arm around her and started to draw circles on her stomach. She shivered at my touch and all I could think was, what would she do if things got a little heated? So then my member decided to have a mind of its own and grow. I knew she felt it and I was so pissed when she got up and sat somewhere else. I was glaring at her and she looked back and smiled that wonderful smile, I loved. When the movie finished, she wondered up to her room and being me, I followed.

In the room I closed the door and pushed Audrina on the wall and pressed my lips to her soft ones. She started kissing me back and my hormones went wild. I pushed my hips harder against hers and she moaned a little. The thing I wanted to do was taste the inside of her mouth so I asked for entrance.

Dray’s POV.

     He pushed harder on my hips and couldn’t help but let a moan out. Alex was turning me so on and he decided to ask for entrance and me being me, I denied it. I could tell he got frustrated and tried harder. He kept pushing against me harder and harder. I just kept moaning and I wouldn’t open my mouth. Finally he got so tired he grabbed my ass and that was how he got me to open my mouth. I’m so glad I did because, damn it was fantastic. We fought for dominance for a good 5 minutes. That was until he grabbed me again and then he won and just explored my mouth. I wrapped my arms around his neck and finally ran my fingers through his hair. I tangled my fingers all in his hair and pulled his head away.


 I was breathing so hard and he just couldn’t stop and just trailed to my neck. He sucked and bit his way down to the top of my breasts. I arched to give him better access. All of a sudden I felt this piercing pain and then pleasure. I was starting to loose energy so I wrapped my legs around his waist. I could feel him pressing against my center and I pressed against him and heard him moan. We were grinding so hard against each other and then Alex was ripped from my chest.


 Since I was against the wall and Alex was supporting me I slid down to the floor. I looked up and saw Demitri standing over Alex and talking on the phone with no doubt my father. I looked over at Alexander and he was looking at me with a solemn look in his eyes. The next thing I know my father burst into the room with a stake in his hand ready to attack. I had to stop him, “Dad its ok.”  “No it isn’t Audrina, he attacked you.” “Dad, he didn’t attack me, it was all an accident.”   My father gave me a look that said that we would discuss this for another time. Demitri took Alex to his room on the other side of the house and I was left to take a shower until, my dad could figure out the situation. After my shower I went to my father’s office and sat down on the couch, and then my father came in and sat next to me. “Dray what happened?”  “Dad, I was teasing him and I went to my room. I didn’t think he was following me and then we started to kiss. That was until I had to breathe and he kissed down my neck and then bit me.”  “Audrina – Lynn as long as he didn’t attack you outright then that’s fine, but for what you were doing that doesn’t fly by me.”  “Yes, dad you know how I am so I was just playing around with him.”  “I know Hun.”  Dad and I hugged and I went to my room. When I got there Charlie was sitting on my bed.










The End

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