Continuation of Chapter 2Mature

Dray’s POV.

     I couldn’t believe what happened and I couldn’t talk with Charlotte about it because, I wasn’t allowed on my laptop. But, that doesn’t mean I can’t call her from the house phone. So I went to father’s study and asked him if she could stay the night and just go to school with Alex and I. Father said that was ok but I have to tell her about the situation. Father knew that Charlotte was my best friend and that she would keep the information on the down low. This was all because, my family knows that her dad is a werewolf and we are the only ones that know of this information. So I called her number and then 10 minutes later she was at the front door. So we walked into the kitchen to grab some snacks and when we walked into the door, Alex was standing there without a shirt on. Charlotte which I call Charlie stopped in her tracks with her mouth open wide. She turns around to give me a quizzical look, “I’ll tell you later”, I say to her. So we grab our things and I start to head upstairs, but before I go out the door I turn to Alex. “I know you’ll be able to hear every word, so I’m just going to tell you now that I’m going to be telling Charlie who you are and what you are doing here.”  “Dray you can’t do that, what I’m doing here is a secret between us and only us.”  “For a fact I can tell her, my father gave me permission, Charlie would never tell anybody the secrets that we share together.”  “What makes you so sure that she can keep her little mouth shut tight?”  “The fact that I’ve known her for almost my whole live and that I have kept my mouth shut. Is that all officer, I would like to get back to my room before Charlie destroys it.”  “No, I defiantly could tell you were checking me out when you walked in.”  “Whatever your just making that up because, you want to be attracted to you.” With that said I made my way to my bedroom and when I got in Charlie literally attacked me. “O.M.G. where can I get one of them for me, please tell me.”  “Charlie, calm down this is important you can’t tell anyone.”  She nodded her head and I began. “Ok, father came home one day with Dracula and his son.”  “SON?!” “Charlie, I’m trying to tell you something.”  “Ok, Ok I’ll shut up until you have finished the story.”  “So I ask what’s going on and I find out that he’s staying her until the whole American hunting dies sown a bit. So, we went to the workout room and we did combat and we were rolling around on the floor and like he had me pinned to the ground. I so wanted to kiss him right there and them. But, Demitri was saying Alex was the winner. Then I go up to my room and I start to undress and go into my bathroom. I forgot something and had to go back to my room and get it. There I see Alex and he’s looking at me like I’m meat and then I scream. Demitri, Dad, and Dracula rush in and then I hightail it into the bathroom. Charlie, I’m done now so you can scream your head off.”  “Dray, why didn’t you tell me this? Jeez plus when we walked in he was totally checking you out.” “Thanks, Charlie like I didn’t know that.”  “Don’t be sarcastic with me you little girl, I was just informing you of what I saw.”  “Yeah, whatever so now this is where we are today with him shirtless and us up here in my bedroom.”  As soon as all the gossip was taken care of we started the sleepover. I changed into a pair of short shorts and a tank top that didn’t cover my stomach. We went to the theater room to watch some scary movies about… you guessed it VAMPIRES. Hahahahaha this seems to be a recurring theme today.







The End

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