Enemies Become Lovers Chapter 2Mature

Chapter 2

     I walked to the main hall where all the guys were and Demitri was following me. “Dray how was the workout did you and Demitri duke it out.”  “As a matter of fact daddy…” but I didn’t get to finish my sentence due to the fact that Demitri put his hand over my mouth. I pouted and then licked his hand; he quickly pulled his hand away. Dad automatically knew what I was going to say and sent me to my room. Also my I-pod, laptop, and TV privileges were taken away. I stomped up stairs to my bedroom to take a shower after that drenching workout. What I didn’t know was that Alex was following me per Dracula’s instructions and I started to relieve my body of the clothes I was wearing.  Then I made my way into the bathroom but I forgot to grab some things and made my way back into my room to find Alex staring at me with his mouth wide open. I scream and in come Demitri, dad, and Dracula I scream some more and then run into the bathroom. Through the door I can hear each guy screaming at the other and at this point I could care less about the bickering and just start taking my shower. I come out in my pajamas and see my dad sitting on my bed. “Dray, I want you to watch Alexander, as you know he’s the son of Dracula.” “I know dad and I had no clue that he was following me and dad, I can take care of myself.”  “Audrina that’s not what I’m talking about he’s a vampire and I know I haven’t brought you up in the friendliest environment.”  “Daddy, I know you taught me to hate vampires and all but ill be as nice as I can to Alex.”

Alex’s POV.

     I was following Dray to her room and she started to undress. I was so shocked that her body was that rocken. So all I could do was stare blankly that I had no clue what was going on till I heard screaming from her and yelling from my father and hers. Also Demitri was in her room and staring after her naked body. I was being pulled out of her room by my father. “Alexander, I want you to be as careful as possible, I don’t want to come here to find you are being tortured because, either you were fooling around with Audrina-Lynn or that you sucked her dry.”  “Father I won’t do that I will be on my best behavior.”  “Son, I don’t want you to fall in love with this girl, you are here just to be from the American hunters that are after me. You will play the average teenage boy at her school; I have put you in the same classes as her. Van Hellsing will be contacting me on how you are doing and I don’t want any trouble from you.”  “Yes father I understand the terms and I will try to do my best until you have returned.”  “Alright then, your room is right next door to Audrina-Lynn’s. I’ve given Van Hellsing some money for school supplies and some spending money for you.”

The End

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