Enemies Become LoversMature

dracula's son VanHelsing's daughter wat will happen between them




Chapter 1  


     I was waiting for father to get home from a long day of hunting. Well I’m getting ahead of myself; my name is Audrina-Lyyn Van Hellsing. Yes, I know what you are thinking the famous Van Hellsing vampire hunter. Unfortunately, he is the only family I have; my mother was killed by a vampire when I was just 10 years-old. So know I am sitting in my room listening to my I-pod which I had acquired when father and I had gone to the states. Anyway, back to me waiting for father to come home from a long, long day of hunting, you guessed it VAMPIRES. I heard the front doors bang open, Dad’s home and he’s not happy, I hop out of bed and run down the huge ass staircase in the mansion that we live in. When I get to the bottom I stop in my tracks. I am stunned to see that dad has brought home Dracula and his son. “Dad what’s going on why is the thing we hunt in our house?”  “Dray you don’t hunt, you go to school with all the other kids in Romania.”  “Whatever, it doesn’t excuse the fact that Dracula is standing in the hall.” “Audrina-Lyyn we are trying to compromise the fact that Dracula needs our help.”  “HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH our help dad you’re shitting me.”  “Well it doesn’t matter I’m going to go train with Demitri.”  I start to walk away because I just can’t understand what father has said in the past 3 minutes. “Audrina-Lyyn Caroline Vann Hellsing, you get your butt back here and try not to be so rude.” I mumbled, “yeah and they can try to not be bloodsucking assholes.” Dracula’s son who I have no idea what his name his started to hiss. “What the hell is your problem because; obviously it’s more a problem for me that you’re here.” He lunges at me and I get into battle mode but our fathers grabbed us both. But, that didn’t stop us from barking insults at each other. “You bitch I don’t even want to be here.”  “Yeah, well I should just stake you in the heart you bloodsucker.”  “Ha like you could even touch me, I’d have my fangs at your neck before you could even blink.”  “Quiet, both of you”, Dracula had hollered. “Well, this is my son Alexander and he will be living with you for the time being.”  “Dray,” my father looked at me, “no one knows that Dracula has a son and Dracula is being tracked down. I have agreed that Alexander will stay with us go to school and you both will be friends.” “Fine dad but can I just go and meet with Demitri?”  “Yes, Dray you may and will take Alexander with you.”  “Ok come on Alex, I’ll show you the way to the training room.”

Alexander’s POV.

     Man this girl is so infuriating and I didn’t want to be here as much as she wants me here. So I’m following her to the training room and man her ass is so fine. I can’t believe that I have to live with the enemy. So we get to these titanium double doors and she throws them open and runs in screaming Demitri while jumping into some guy’s arms. Man how can this girl be so energetic and get a guy like this, a hunter?

Dray’s POV.

     Demitri is spinning me around and I get a glimpse of Alex’s face, I have officially given him a nickname, he is looking at me like I have three heads. Demitri sets me down, “so D, are we doing the usual.”  “Nahhh, I thought my workout could use with a twist, Alex?”  “Yes.”   “How would you like to have a hand to hand combat me, you, and Demitri as the ref?”  “Bring it on little girl I’d be glad to whoop your ass all over the floor.”  “I’d like to see you try; I’m not the little daddy’s girl everyone at school thinks I am.”  Demitri hollered and told us to shake hands and we did. Thus begun our battle, we circled each other for like 5 minutes. I sprung into action first going for his legs and he just jumped right over me. I went over to the far wall and go two daggers to fight with. “Naughty girl, pulling out the daggers, and we really haven’t even begun yet.” I started to move forward, that lead him right into a corner. “Now, can you fight since you have your back to the wall dear Alex-Walex?”  He turns us around so that my back is to the wall, but in the process I cut him on the neck. He growls at me and his sharp, pointy, scary teeth come out. I lean against the wall and kick him in the ribs, which makes him fall and I straddle his torso. He recovered much quicker than I expected and started to roll us around on the floor from him on top to me on top. I’m breathing heavy by this time and he’s straddling me and I can’t move my legs or arms. So, at this point I’m just squirming around on the floor. I look up and I get captured in Alex’s light blue eyes. He can’t tear his stare from me either, were gazing at each other and nothing can penetrate that. Well except for Demitri saying that Alex had won.

Alex’s POV.

     We were rolling on the floor and all I could focus on was the rise and fall of her chest, which my member was almost touching. Finally Dray got tired and couldn’t flip me over, so she resorted to squirming beneath me. For a girl who could piss me off, she sure was turning me on with all the squirming. I seriously needed to take a cold shower when we had figured out where I was sleeping. Then she looked into my eyes and I couldn’t take mine away from hers and you could not imagine how much I wanted to bend down and kiss her soft pink, plump, lips. Until the Demitri guy stated that I had won. At that point I jumped up from on top of her and ran from the room to go stand with my father. I met him in the hall and even from 50 feet away I could hear her heart beat and that I was such a wuss for leaving right after I was declared winner.

Dray’s POV.

     I was so pissed that Alex had left right after he was declared the winner and I expressed this anger after he left to Demitri. “That’s all ok Audrina I didn’t like him in he first place bloodsucker.”











The End

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