The glow of the silver light shone brilliantly against the deep brown irises of a child only vaguely familiar in the cloudy, uneventful memories of a teenage higher class mobile suit pilot, shrouded with repetitive various balls, banquets, meetings and false smiles.

His Father sat beside him as the small boy's eyes gazed thoughtfully at the moon, this being his first visit to earth since birth, and that wasn't a time he remembered in an overly detailed manner. The dark chestnut coloured hair of his Father was tied up with a black ribbon and as the boy began to realise his attention had been diverted from the enchanting surface of the silver moon his Father's eyes turned to meet his own, embarrassed he quickly snapped his head vacantly toward the decorative gardens below, his Father chuckled heartily and lifted the small boy onto his knee, ruffling his short, boyish hair.

The pair sat idly gazing longingly at the moon. Eventually he realised his Father had begun fixing the boy's appearance, tightening the itchy, silken tie, buttoning the black satin waistcoat and combing his messy hair, tutting and ignoring the fact that the state of his hair had been his Father's fault.

A lyrical, silken voice let out a small whimper behind the pair, as they turned the light of the high-class social event dazzled them and left the voice appearing as an unrecognizable silhouette against the light, unrecognisable except for her height and her voice,

"Daddy!" she moaned leaving the harsh light of the ball for the silver light of the elaborate balcony. Sleepily she rubbed a long white glove against her eye and advanced upon the pair,

"What's wrong Lily? Daddy paying too much attention to your big brother?" Lily seemed to consider blaming her brother for a while, looking thoughtfully from her Father to her brother who had stolen her Father's lap - Undisputed as the best seat for a young child since a beanbag,

"No, Daddy. Lily wants to leave,.  Daddy, Lily's tired." The young boy took particular notice to the prolonged "o" and giggled quietly behind his hand. The sunlight-haired girl stretched out her gloved arms for her Father's embrace. The pair couldn't help but melt at the sight of her innocent gesture, embellished by her rose-tinted ball gown and the petit tiara nestled contently in her hair. The man cradled the boy in one arm and scooped Lily with the other. Whilst giggling Lily kicked her legs playfully back and forth, her fatigue apparently vanishing as quickly as it arrived, the boy on the other hand saw fit to burrow his head into his Father's chest and attempt to sleep,

"Children?" asked Father placing the two children down on the floor and placing a hand upon both small shoulders, the young faces looked up at their Father with disgruntled frowns,

"Children, I just need you to know how much I love you both, Mummy's sickness has shocked us all and I understand if your scared, but I need you to know that nothing can tear us apar..." The sentence ends with an odd thud and a squeal that haunts my dreams. I remember Lily, splattered with a crimson sash stood as cold as iron, her chestnut eyes widened in confused terror, and I remember the uproar as a mechanical fist tore through the ball room chandelier as if it were but paper to a knife,


The End

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