Enter Night

    Arsenic suited his name, everything about him felt venomous, from the long black flowing coat that seemed to mold to his slender form to the sharp paranoid features: His slithering eyes never resting for too long for fear of some unseen evil.

"Nay, I ain't picked up a mobile suit recently." he answered, attempting to wipe viscous mobile suit oil from his hands, though I had to pretend not to know that,

"Aye, Is that so? S'just the cap'n reckons you do and I thought I'd give you a warning 'tis all." His reptilian eyes rested paralytic upon me, a clear sense of fear detectable in the snake's eyes. He stuttered, wiping his oily hands against each other and whimpering below his breath,

"D'you think I could escape?!" he barked out into the empty hangar whilst he began to quiver,

"Nae, I don't think so." I watched his face fall into panic and I convincingly looked concerned,

"Though I used to pilot mobile suits..." I revealed, a twinge of happiness striking through me as his reptile-like face began to relax,

"I see..." he mumbled, glancing up at a mobile suit storage unit for a moment though quickly clicking his eyes back into place as if realizing I might notice. He turned his back to me and began to fiddle with a console,

"You just wanna see it don't you?" he laughed as the storage unit began to hiss and the doors began to disappear into the ceiling, being swallowed by the walls. It was incredible! It's white eye's shone out like innocent beacons amongst the darkness of it's body, crimson lines dance across it's sanguine torso meeting in the centre, a large red beam cannon had been attatched to it's shoulder and the handle to a double edged beam scythe was lodged firmly in the fist of the majestic beast.

"Behold the Gund-" If I'd have left it any sooner he'd have turned around and my opportunity would have left me. I cradle my hand, massaging the knuckles - My fist collided with the back of his head quite forcefully and I can but pity poor Arsenic. I step over Arsenic and advance on the surprisingly clean console. Within seconds the Mobile suit is detatched from it's bindings and fully   operational. The console reads "Sanguine Scarring operational" and I tilt my head backwards to look up at the mobile suit, it's name suited it. Though if I was to suit this suit I'd need a new name...

The End

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