Endlessly (Gundam Fanfic)

    "With high expectations human beings leave earth to begin a new life in space colonies, however the United Earth Sphere Alliance gain military powers and seizes control of one colony after another, in the name of justice and peace. The year is just after space colony one-nine-five; Operation meteor. In a move to counter the alliance's tyrany, certain citizens scheme to bring new arsenals to the earth disguising them as shooting stars, however, the alliance headquarters catches on to this operation." - Anonymous on Current Galactic state of affairs


    We're losing power fast; the Leo mobile suit and I. Though it's surprising it didn't happen sooner. From my central seat I can see directly out into the lonely grasp of space and it's already sucked most of the machine into it's cold embrace.

    What sort of mobile suit was that? Splattered with the blood of mobile suits it tore through us as if we were Gelatin. First came the cries of Captain Yua as a brilliant beam of light pierced his mobile suit, and next the cries of Shiji as... well I don't know what happened to Shiji, my only assumptions could be made from his twisted screams cut short by a powerful explosion from far behind. I swung my mobile suit around, although more accurately would be to say I swung the torso around. An arc of concentrated energy took my legs from me as the black-splattered Mobile suit stood emotionless before me, it's green eyes calculating threat assessments, I flinched as the beam rifle fell from Leo's hands, feeling little more than a child's toy up against this behemoth.

    For timeless minutes we faced each other in the uncaring hands of space while the pilot toyed what to do, countless seconds as each of my breaths grew more precious in the claustrophobic loneliness of my cockpit. As the mobile suit began to rear it's fist I listened to my heart tie itself in knots. The vicious sound of splitting metal as it's fist pierced the cockpit missing myself by mere centimeters. It bore into me a while longer, though now I saw it through my own eyes rather than through the second-hand vision of the Leo mobile suit, and it saw a scared teenage boy rather than the emotionless face of a mobile suit,

"Why?!" Rang a distorted male voice through my radio,

"How old are you?!" he barked down at me through the oil stained eyes of the mobile suit. I responded in a series of stutters and terrified half-words, which were barely understandable and I was surprised didn't anger the radio,

"Ryo Hauka? Age Seventeen... Nod if this is correct." The voice sounded calmer now, as if trying to befriend me somewhat, I struggled but I managed to give a slow nod and the voice on the radio grew ever friendlier, though it was clearly far too restrained.

"You're to live today, to wallow in the knowledge that your colony: Colony one-six-two has been ripped apart by the alliance you hold so dear. They refused to comply with the alliance's rule and now it's little more than wreckage amongst the vast reaches of space." The voice gave me precious moments to soak in the news, probably watching my face contort into a sickened grimace as the information soaked into my heart, weighing down my chest.

"I've also been instructed to give you a name and a colony, do with it what you will. Marco Stranz, Colony Nine-seven."

The End

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