Moonlit Forest

Siva walked past Night and Daisy's den. Stuncia was in there, helping Daisy and calming her, Dasiy however, thought she didn't need the help for she felt as good as she had any other day. The litter was upon them, four more to be born when Siva walked in.

"Hello Daisy, Night," Siva paused, "Stuncia." Siva bowed.

"Ah Siva, I will be needing your help, you walked in at the right moment. I need to you to sit right here, do anything you have to, I need to get some supplies from my cave." With that Stuncia walked out.

"Alright Daisy. Don't worry." Daisy, Siva had noticed was just smiling at Siva and answering and noding but felt no pain. Three pups to go.

"Night! Look at them!" Two to go, one. Daisy laid down her head.

Stuncia walked in to see seven little wolf pups curled next to their mother, "Well, no matter. Take these Poppy Seeds, sleep for a bit."

"No, please. I want to spend time with my family. I am feeling nothing."

"Trust me darling. This is how I felt when I had my first litter, you will feel pain later. I was just as hesitant as you when I was your age. Just eat them, I still need to take them over to the corner of your den, where it is quite, and inspect that they are okay. I will leave for a few moments and you may name them."

Night and Daisy had talked just before Stuncia had walked in. "Alright, eat these now please. Night, help me get these pups in the back on that patch of moss and brish there and then you can go to the pack meeting."

The two wolves moved the seven pups, which took a bit considering they had to cary them in their own jaws. "Thank you Night, thank you kindly. Now you may go and I will take very good care of the pups." Night bowed before leaving. "Okay, good, yes, yes. Oh, whats this? A bit of a defect on the bottom of the paw there, extra claw on only one paw. No matter, just extra resources. Now, let's take a look at you..."

The night following, Siva had taken her patrol of hunter out to the medow that Noscarcko was talking about. "Noscarcko, is this the place you were telling me about?" Siva whispered to him.

Noscarcko nodded, "Yes Siva. It- I smelled it, the scent, right over... here. Smell for yourself." Siva had smelled the deer scents he had told her of that night of recolecting.

"Alright hunters, we must move and follow this scent. You are to follow me!" Siva instructed in a hushed tone.

The End

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