Endless Wanders

This is a wolf based, fictional story. Imagine yourself in the wild. You watch the wolves live their lives, and watch the events happen.

It was the night of the full moon, Siva was leading the hunters of the Luna Pack through the forest to find food for the pack. "Alright hunters, we must carry on," Siva jumpped onto a rock. It was raining with very fast winds, "My friends, we are hunters, we must go through this, we must remember that we are an important part of this pack, that we help them live. We are trained to go through harsh winds and storms."

Siva walked forward. The other wolves not following at first, but then, ran ahead of her. She caught the lead, turned and said, "I'm proud to be head hunter." and then, she turned away.

The wolves moved forward, with each step, and each breath, the hunters moved deeper into the darkened woods. The bushes rustled, each wolf crouched, Siva still in the lead, she pounced, followed by the other hunters. There were about seven deer, six hunters. Each hunter had contributed to the death of a deer. Why, each wolf was amazing. The concentration and the dedication, not to forget the courage, made Siva proud.

In the Luna Pack camp area, each deer had been placed before the nights meeting. "Alright everyone, Siva, come here, to the hill and announce your findings," Said the Alpha male, Roku, the Alpha female, Jem at his side.

Siva climbed to the top of the hill and overlooked the many wolves that made up her pack... her family. "Luna Pack, turn to my hunters, they have done well, for tonight, we faced seven deer. We had six wolves. They did a good job with cunning, vigilance, and courage as we faced hard winds that blew out fur and held us back."

All wolves had cheered and howled. Earlier, the hunters had gotten three deer, seven deer added. The time of meal was upon the wolves. Siva was off the hill now, joining back to the side of her hunters... her hunters. "Thank you hunters." Roku said, "Jem, please, tell the news."

"Today, the healer Stuncia has made told me some wonderful news. She has told me that tomorrow, a litter of pups is to be born to Daisy and Night, a litter of seven." All wolves had howled and padded over to them to conradulate them on their news.

The next day, Siva had awoken and called all of her hunters to the pond outside the camp. "Good morning hunters!" Siva said from a small boulder after all the hunters came together. "I have called the meeting to give you all a small recolection period," the wolves in the hunter rank have done this every so often, "Now, before this happens, I would like to tell Murs that she deserves a good bit of praise, she did a wonderful job last night. Now, we may have our chats." Siva jumpped down and was stopped by a male hunter named Noscarcko.

"Siva, I have something to tell you. The other day, I was bringing some old prey bones out of my den and into the deep woods. I smelled a large amount of deer."

"Where was this encounter?"

"I smelled it around the Medows."

"Thank you Noscarcko. You have helped us."

The End

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