His Curious Encounter

"...hello?" A small and thin malnourished child held his breath as he gazed into the darkness. Struggling he pulled himself off of the ground, leaning against a large rough rock for support.

            "I..Is anyone there...?" The child's voice was dry and cracked from misuse causing him to choke on every word.

            Straining his ears he listened, for a sound, looked for a sign, just one small voice that would break this unrelenting, smothering silence.

            "I heard you now come out!" his throat became tight, tears forming along the rims of his eyes. Panic  began to set in and he felt his mind slipping away as despair took over.

            "STOP HIDING FROM ME DAMMIT!!!" the feeling of dread quickly turned to rage.

            Gritting his teeth he felt his blood rise to a boil and with clenched fist he took a few steps forward.

            "You had better get your ass out here, Now!" as the the silence continued his anger grew and he began to walk further into the darkness, "When I find you, I'll make you pay, for every, solitary second that you've tortured me with this HELL! DO YOU HEAR ME?! Get your ass out here now! Before I..."

            The boy's sentence halted, a weak chilling breeze wafted past penetrating straight through his thin grimy cloths, that sent shivers down his spine. A chorus of hushes and whispers closely followed suite, playing with his ears, laughing at his anguish.

            The child stared motionlessly at the ground for a few moments before returning to the rock, and sitting down he pulled his knees to his chest, a weak smile playing across his face.

            "You'd think I'd stop falling for that by now."

            Looking up he solemnly observed the black starless sky completely void of anything save for one light. A great shining orb of pure and static brilliance suspended in the air, above the horizon, glaring painfully white across the barren landscape. The light covered everything in front of him but came to an abrupt stop a few yards before him creating a contrasted line of light and dark cutting the world in half as far as the eye could see, the landscape itself was bare with an occasional rock dotted here and there, casting long harsh shadows along the ground.

            The boy reached out hoping to touch the light for a brief second, but as he drew close the line retreated further away leaving him to the dark.

            Sighing he hugged his legs again, "What am I doing here?" A question that was lost to him ages ago.

            "How long have I been here?" another great question he couldn't answer, "It feels like forever but I know something came before."

            Tiredly he picked his brain for, something, but having tried countless times before he seemed to remember less and less as time went on, only getting a bigger headache with every try. After a few minuets he gave up, rubbing his temples to quell his throbbing brain.

            A new hush of wind swept the desolate plains causing the boy to shiver. He looked back to the darkness again for a moment before he made up his mind. Standing up he stretched his cramped body and began to walk towards the sun.

            Time seemed to pass, his legs grew steadily heavier and began to ache. He couldn't tell if he had moved anywhere at all, everything looked the same, but he continued to tread on. Walking helped to calm himself down and clear his mind, and to keep himself from going insane.

            Suddenly he froze in place, "What was..."

            Taking a step backwards he gaped his eyes wide in awe. Off in the distance something small was catching the sunlight and shone straight into his eye.

            Immediately the child took off, sprinting as fast as his legs could take him. Not a thought went through his mind as he ran only a burning feeling that he had to get it. Finally he made it to the spot and diving to the ground he scrabbled in the darkness. His finger brushed the small cool object as he searched, which he quickly snathed up off the ground and held tightly.

            There he stood afraid to look, willing with all his soul that it wouldn't disappear. The object felt round and had warmed in his palm.

            Slowly he opened his hand and sitting there was a simple gold ring with a small diamond set into the band.

            Falling to his knees, eyes never leaving the ring he whispered "I remember."

            The wind, always at a small waft began to pick up whipping through his cloths and throwing about his dark umber hair.

            Tears began to fall creating streaks down his dirty face, "I.. can remember everything!"

            The wind had risen to a gale threatening to blow the child away, the dark sky began to swirl, forming large black thunder  clouds that cloaked the entire sky, all except for the sun which the clouds made a ring around.

            However as all this happened the child focus was solely on the sun, which had began to pulse with a deep rumble that rattled his body.

            "I'm...I.. I'm sorry."

            A great bolt of bright purple lightning arched through the sky with a boom that shook the world underneath him, the light blinding him. Mere seconds later, it became a typhoon. Large drops of searing hot and freezing cold rain lashed with the wind, that felt like nails striking his body. His ears began to bleed as thunder continued to pierce and shake his skull, but the child ignored it all.

            The suns pulse grew stronger making him feel sick. Its light had changed now, a warmer more soft light lit up the world. The rain sparkled as it flew through the sky, four inches of water had covered the ground as far as the eye could see and shone with radiance as lightning continued to color the skies.

            Finally with one last pulse that shook his soul the sun exploded with a boom, throttling the world, sending  the child to the ground. Then, it collapsed on itself creating an enormous sinkhole of light, in the sky.

            From the light a figure emerged catching the child in awe.

            A beautiful young woman walked out into the sky, she was wearing a long lavish linen white dress that came just above her bare feet, her face was fair and soft but her eyes were a bright deep blue that you could get lost in forever. All of this framed by her long, thick, and radiant green hair that crackled and writhed around her.

            Gently floating to the ground their eyes locked together and all the noise from the storm was blocked from the child's ears.

            She watched him in agonizing silence, her emotionless stare piercing straight through his soul... waiting.

            The child's tears gushing anew, yelled out to her, "You were right! I was an idiot, I should've listened to you! I hurt you and I will never be able to make up for it but please... could you forgive me!?

            The goddess continued to watch unblinking and the child felt a new feeling of dread rising in him, there was no possibly way he could live without her again, he wouldn't be able to handle it.

            Then she smiled, and opening her arms she beckoned to him, radiating love and compassion that  melted the child's heart.

             Suddenly the wind exploded throwing the child back a few yards and pushed him into the ground. The water began to swell towering into the sky on either side of him making a path from him to the goddess.

            Painfully looking up to her from the ground, he had to get to her. Forcing himself up he stood against the enraged winds and slowly began to  approach, eyes only on her. As he walked however it became harder and more painful to move, but he pressed on, all the suffering in the world wasn't worth loosing her again. Step after step he struggled, wind threatening to push him into the sparkling walls of water every step.

            Only a few yards to go, a blast of wind sent him sideways into the wall. As soon as his shoulder touched he felt the skin instantly get ripped to shreds before getting yanked into the maelstrom.

            In the bright vortex of water he was tossed and flipped in every direction completely losing sight of her, the path, of anything. Each current that he was pulled into was a full body blow that continuously beat into him one after the other. One caghting him in the gut caused him to gasp and suck in a gallon of water. NO! GO BACK!! the child tried to move but found that his body had completely given up and wouldn't move in the slightest.

            "Were are you!" his head began to feel light "Come back please!" his vision began to blur and started to feel light headed "..where..are..y.y..." finally everything was black.

            "I'm right here Christopher."

            Opening his eyes he found himself stareing straight into the goddesses eyes only inches apart as she cradled him.

            He still couldn't move his body but all the pain was gone and a sense of calm enveloped him.

            "I'm sorr..." her smiling face made him lose his words.

            "I forgive you Christopher Pine, please don't worry " Gazing into her eyes he felt a goofy smile play across his lips.

            "Do you really?" his eyes started to feel heavy, he could hear his heart beating, a soft and steady rhythm.

            The woman smiled and crossed her heart, "I'll always be here for you, now and forever, I promise."

            Christopher tried to stay awake but slowly his eyes began to shut, his heart beat pounded in his ears.

            The world began to grow dark the thumping shook his head. With his last moments of consciousness he struggled to to speak.

            "I...I..I love you."

            The woman smiled and leaning forward kissed him on the forhead, "I love you too."

            Christopher's heart stopped and everything blurred into nothingness.

            Opening his eyes Christopher felt his heart. After reassuring himself he wiped the cold sweat off his brow and checked the small alarm clock on his bedside,1:34 a.m. Sitting up he leaned against the wall and looked around his small apartment made up of one "living-kitchen-bedroom", and a bathroom. Despite it being small it felt empty, everything besides the furniture had been neatly packed into two large dark blue duffle bags on the small kitchen counter.

            Looking back to clock, he remembered his schedual and flopping onto back onto his bed he groaned.       "You always get the wierd dreams when you have to get up early don't you?" he said to himself, curling under the covers he closed his eyes and tried to get back to sleep before he was too awake, but his body didn't feel like sleeping at the moment.

            "Why do the trains have to leave so damn early?!

            Sighing he turned to look at the ceiling "What was that dream anyway?" The details were already getting fuzzy, but the beating of his heart had felt like it had genuinely stopped and she was so perfect it was unsettling almost. He contemplated it a little longer before his eyes wandered to the clock, 1:34 a.m.

            "Tonight's gonna suck, isn't it?"

The End

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