Chapter 8 A Question of Fate

  It was a tense hour of polite nothings and frantic explanations by Mara and Brynn as they told Shem the course of events that had brought them to his hut. As displeased as he was that Brynn dared to return after running off, he was even more angry at Mara's refusal to explain what she was doing in the area, or where she was heading. Still, in the end, Shem grudgingly allowed the two of them to stay until Mara felt the need to continue on her way. As the night deepened into a deep black velvet, Mara peered through the doorway and looked at the stars above the ocean. She could see the constellation of the cat blinking at her, it's gaze ever piercing the sky from the balmy north.
  Soft silver light danced on the waters, illuminating the healing rest that night brings to the world. For the first time in a long time, Mara felt sleepy in the dark. Is this how normal people feel at night. She yawned. They miss so much...
  Mara awoke to the savory smells of breakfast as the sky was brightening into a light grey before the first of the suns broke over the earth. She sat up, wondering just when it was she fell asleep, rubbing her eyes and blinking about her. Brynn was up and cooking, no longer favoring her foot, and Shem was sharpening a knife in the corner. Mara could hear the harsh rasp of stone on stone serrate through her ears as small sparks flashed on his blade. Shem's son was still nowhere to be seen.

The End

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