Chapter 7 p. 10

Mara reached the lone hut quickly, walking around to the doorway that faced the shore. Giving Brynn a quick shake, Mara stuck her head inside the darkness of the hut. There was nothing she could hear or see. Mara took a steadying breath and called out into the dark.

"Hello? Hello - if you can hear me, I'm here to return your daughter. Hello?"

"No one is going to answer you Sister. Pada Shem and brother are always out on the sea until dark. I am all by myself until they return." Brynn whispered into her ear.

"Why don't you go to sea with them then?" Mara asked as she helped Brynn slide off her back. She landed with a small thump, then grabbed Mara's hand and slowly led her inside, favoring her ankle. Brynn stopped and Mara felt, rather than saw, her turn to give Mara a look of disbelief.

"A girl at sea? At the mercy of the sea god, easily able to be snatched by the monsters below? Pada and brother are not very fond of their foundling, but even they know I have more worth than that."

"Ah." Mara's tone was pensive. Monsters? Sea gods? Ridiculous. If these people had met the actual Deity, they would never fear anything else they came across ever again. Brynn let go of Mara's hand and hobbled further into the darkness. Mara could hear her fumbling around, and then the quick sharp sound of steel on stone. Slowly, a light from a small fire came into being and gave form to the hut they were standing in. Mara blinked in the firelight, then looked around the hut. It was her first time seeing it for herself, and Mara's eyes saw what Brynn's had been overlooking for years. Well, I suppose it's nice to not be experiencing the currently forming memories of two people at the same time. I'll have to avoid physical contact in the future... not that I was ever thrilled by it in the first place.

The End

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