Chapter 1 p. 7

"Did I promise you, Mara, or did you promise yourself?"

"I don't... Know. I thought you promised me, that, um, if I worked really hard to become
 a good mother, you would let me keep my brother with me. That you'd keep us safe." 

 "I do not give my blessings based only on what actions you choose, Mara. Doing good alone is not enough to earn my favor."

"But I thought you were kind. That you helped poor people like us - because you care
about people like us! That's what I was told, that you love the world, and we're part of the 
world aren't we? What about all those people who do nothing but nice things for others, you treat them well because they did good things, right?"

"I do love the world Mara."


"Mara, Mara, I keep my own rules. I gave humanity the freedom of choice, but choosing to
 do good is not enough to become close to me; and it is not enough for me to give to you."

 "Why not?!"

"Tell me what is good Mara." That made Mara pause. She had never thought about what 'good' was before. She had never thought about what 'bad' was either, for that matter. Mara only had the vaguest sense of what such things were, an idea she couldn't quite express. Mara sat quietly for a few long moments, thinking, searching for words that refused to be found. Finally, she answered in a hesitant, childish manner.

 "Good is, well, not bad. It just is."

"I Am Good."

 "Then why did you forget us, if you are so good?"

The End

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