End Times- The Dragon council

It's a new series. Basically a bunch of stories that all have different plot, characters, and settings. But, all these stories become intwined quickly and suddenly.

A great battle was happening in the plains of Asphodel. The ground, once green and full of life was now lifeless and singed to ashes by fire and lighting. By ice, water and winds.  Thousands of roots sprung out from the earth, disfiguring the landscape.Above the field however, loomed a terrifying sight to behold. Arcoss the blood red sunset, thousands of winged creatures did battle. These creatures are the proud and mighty dragons. They all came in different colours, representing their species but today they were all united against a common enemy. Hundreds of winged, demonic creatures banded together to rid the world of their  greatest enemy. They were ugly, and savage beasts comapred to the noble dragons. They had long, black horns that matched their black hearts. They were dark gray in colour to match with the night and shadows, from which they resided. Their eyes gleamed a supernatural red, as red as the very eyes of the devil himself. They had a row of teeth, paired off with two oversized fangs. They had bat like wings, and sharp, jagged claws. They were the Rai Kahn. Once they were content to stay in the abyssmal lands of Tarnuntum from which they came, but now they set their eyes on Asphodel, home of the dragons. So they fought, dragons using their breath weapons, claws and teeth to strike at their enemy. Many Rai Kahns fell but more struck back. They lunged and dive bombed the dragons. Many dragons let out final cries of pain as they plummeted to the hard earth below. As the chaos continued throughout the battlefield,  Four massive dragons watched. The largest dragon shone with the metallic beauty. His name was Exuro, dragon of the Forge. The dragon to his left was a violet dragon. Her eyes gleaming with rage, her teeth bared and her poise was an agressive one. The shadows began to swirl violently around Drakaar, dragon of the shadows. To her far right was a dragon who's scales were bright as copper. But his scales were sharpened, spikes sticking out of his body. Graal, dragon of war let out a mighty roar to raise the morale of the dragons fighting. The last dragon was the most magnificent. His scales shone a magnificent gold colour, giving of a regal and powerful appearence. He was Gunther, the golden dragon, dragon of light and ruler of the dragons. These four grreat dragons then leapt from thier perch, and struck back at the vile Rai Kahn. After long hours of fighting, it all came to an end. The Rai Kahns who survived, once sure of their might and power now fled, their pride broken by defeat. And the four dragons stood proud over the battlefield, strewn with the blood and bodies of both dragon and Rai Kahn alike. Then Gunther let out a final mighty roar...

Then the image explouded into dust. It had been shown on a very large table, well the size of a house. Around it stood seven thrones, each coloured and decorated differently accoring to the draogn that stood there. However the thrones were occupied with seven great beings, although not as large as the dragons in the  center of the table, they were larger than most dragons. They all stared pariently however, to one very large dragon. It was an older and more aged version of Exuro.

"And that young dragons, is the battle for dragon kind against the Rai Kahns. A battle which took palce almost..." the old dragon stopped and pondered for a moment. He stroked a metallic scale that was directly under his chin. "A battle taking place 50,000 years ago." The seven dragons stared with awe. For a moment they were captivated until the gray dragon, with curled horns spoke.

"Well that was very interesting Exuro-sama," Aeris began. "But now I'm going to ask. Why are we here?" The white dragon and blue dragon both spoke.

"Show some more respect of Exuro-sama Aeris!" chastised Serelissa, the blue water dragon spoke.

"Agreed, you should know better air head" Krenos, the white ice dragon mocked. Aeris glared at Krenos and began to take breath when a long green vine snapped his mouth shut.

"I wouldn't do that if i were you Aeris," Esmerelda, the green dragon of nature spoke. "Take our brother Solomn and Akriloth as examples of proper behavior. The red dragon of fire Akriloth smiled. The brown dragon of earth Solomn merely stared at Aeris, then Esmerelda, then Exuro. Suddenly the yellow dragon stretched his wings, to test if his muscles were asleep.

"Our haughty little friend may have a point though," Xenos the lighting draogn spoke. "Why have we been called here Exuro?" he continued, inspecting his left wing. Exuro suddenly stared at the ground. The other dragons began to look at him in anticipation.

"Solmn's scouts at Tarnuntum have discovred a small tribe of Rai Kahns, living and breathing Rai Kahns. Esmerelda and Serelissa gasped, Krenos blinked, Aeris choked, Xenos stopped inspecting his wings and widened his eyes and Solomn merely stared at the ground.

"WHAT!!!!" Akriloth suddenly roared, deafening the ears of all the dragons in the room and cracking the wall, ceiling and table. Exuro picked at his ear. He then spoke.

"We havn't much time so i will cut to the chase. We need to assemble every dragon in the land under our flag. Serelissa contact the water dwellers and ask for their support. Solomn gather the dwarves and request their assistance. Esmerelda contact the elves and the rest of you contact your breteren and children. We will need all the help we can get for this war"

"Wait what about the humans?" Aeris suddenly asked. Everyone stared at Aeris. Akriloth merely turned away while Xenos, Krenos, Serelissa, and Solomn bared their teeth in anger. Esmerelda then spoke.

"The humans hate us remember?" she began. "For centuries they hunted us so why would they want to help us now?"

"I just thought..." Aeris muttered.

"Well you thought wrong. Big time." Xenos stated. He then revealed his tail which was scarred and cut. "This is what hapens when humans find a dragon. They torture it to near death and bait it's companions to their deaths. Then they set the maimed and weakened dragon free and sell the bones, horns and body of the fallen dragon comrades." At this point Krenos made his way to the door. The rest of the dragons followed, leaving Aeris alone in the room with Exuro. As Aeris made his way out, Exuro put his hand on his shoulder. 

"We do not need the humans help my son." he said.

Aeris nodded at Exuro. "Your right, i'm sorry Exuro-sama. Exuro patted Aeris back and then walked away. Aeris then followed. Once he got outside the he flew to a mountain top and gazed at the dragon castle. It was an extremly high mountain, which was formed in the shape of a dragon. He then flew down to the fields and lay on the grass.

"Not all humans are evil i know it," He began. Suddenly blue light engulfed him and in his place stood a handsome youth with silver-gray hair and gray eyes. "And i'm going to prove it." He finished. He then entered the forest which lead away from Asphodel and into the heart of Middenheim, the human central.


The End

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