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Three alien species come to earth, each with their own agenda. Humankind finds itself threatened by colonization, invasion and/or ultimate destruction. Science and religion collide. How does it end?


It's been Twenty-Five years since science has discovered non-terrestrial DNA on Earth. In search for answers, probes were sent out to dozens of possible Earth-like planets looking for life. A match was found on planet Migrare-1. As scientists try to make sense of the evidence, an alien humanoid species descends on Earth claiming to be from Migrare-1 and declaring themselves the ancestors of life on Earth. The Migrarians test positive for the DNA match, but it is also found they are capable of breeding with humans. They offer answers and technology in exchange for residence on Earth. Met with both acceptance and rejection from various groups, the Migrarians settle on Earth.

Eighty years pass and the Migrarians and humans have bred together a generation of hybrid children. Half of all families on the Earth are hybrids. Over the years the Migrarians have answered all of humankind's complicated questions. They have explained Christianity and other religions and how they merge. They have merged science and religion. The Earth is at total peace. Although some people are skeptical and a dark feeling is sensed by many.

During the mapping of the Migrarian genome a dormant gene is discovered. Scientists target and activate the gene in a Migrarian clone. The clone becomes unstable and immediately violent. When the clone makes eye contact with other clones in the lab, the gene is triggers in them. Their agenda is to kill human kind. The information is leaked over the instant-net network. Is it a hoax? Families begin to suffer strife and war is struck after years of peace.

Unknown to both humans and Migrarians however, the activation of the gene sends a signal to another alien species. This species, the Daeve, created the Migrarians using human DNA and DNA from planet Migrare-1. They were bred for generations, unaware of their breeders, in total belief of everything they have taught humankind. The Daeve, knowing the time has come, begin preparation of the eradication of the human race. Meanwhile, war rises on planet Earth as Migrarian interpretation of Biblical and other merged religious prophecy starts to be fulfilled. It appears to be the coming of the Apocolypse as Engineers rush against the clock to create a nano-vaccine and nano-cure to disable the gene forever.

At the peak of Apocalyptic chaos, the Daeve come to Earth. They begin triggering the gene in what appears to be random communities. Although it is not random. Children kill their parents. The streets are filled with  merciless massacre. Humans seek refuge. Unaffected Migrarians are afraid, many committing suicide. All along, humanity and Migrarians alike, stunned by yet another arrival of newcomers, the Daeve offer both a vaccine and a cure; if only Earth agree to submit to their complete rule. They have 7 days to decide. In the meantime, the genes continue to activate and people continue to die. The Daeve make a presence of Earth awaiting Earth's decision.

Another species, the Ank, have been watching the Daeve for centuries preparing but unaware of their plans. The Daeve invasion causes them to immediate chart for planet Earth. A transmission is open to a small group of somewhat-respected yet aging purist paranormal experts. The Ank, the true creators of life on Earth, hurry to rescue the planet and it's citizens but warn, if Earth submits to the Daeve, the will have to destroy Earth.

As the clock counts down, the experts try to warn others. Skeptics think it's a hoax and try to convince Earth to just submit to the Daeve. Engineers are on the borderline of a breakthrough. Families and governments are ripped apart. Death is everywhere. The Daeve continue to silently cause worldwide catastrophe. And people don't know what to think of the Migrarian hybrids, some with the gene and some without. There being no way to tell if they have the gene or not until it's activated, everyone is afraid.

Will the Ank make it time or will they destroy the Earth? Who is good and who is evil? Who or what is the enemy? Will engineers finalize the cure and vaccine in 7 days? Will the Daeve keep their promise? Will families ever trust again?

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The End

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