End of the HuntMature

An erotic horror short story.

"...Please... no..." Her voice barely a whisper as she ran, she panted heavily through the back streets; turning in random directions as she tried to evade her pursuer. She looked back briefly to see if he was still there...

She ran into him hard; he had somehow known her direction and made his way in front of her. She landed on the ground, thrown off balance when she ran into him. He laughed darkly, smiling as she tried to crawl away. He placed a boot down on her evening gown, holding her there by it. She squirmed, trying to pull her dress out from under his boot to no avail.

"Where d'ya thing yer goin, lovely?" His eyes glared hungrily at her from under the hood of his jerkin. "Didn't yer brother tell ya, you're the payment he promised us?"

"Please... please don't... Don't hurt me."She stammered, fear in her voice as she looked up from the ground.

"Hurt ye? Why would I do that, missy? We's gonna have a lovely evening." He grabbed her wrist, pulling her roughly to her feet, the skirt of her dress tearing wickedly. It hung down at the waist, revealing her tiny undergarment just below her corset. His eyes widened slightly in anticipation. Licking his lips, he unsheathed a dagger and sliced a long slit down the torn front of her skirt, the smooth skin of her well-toned legs glistening slightly in the streetlight as small beads of fear-induced sweat were already starting to bead on her skin. She struggled to pull away, but he pulled her close against him, pulling her body forcefully against his.

She could feel the hardness of his shaft pressing into her flesh; she tried to turn away, even if just her face. His free hand with the dagger held her fast. Sliding the tip of the dagger under the lacing, he sliced the bindings with a skilled, swift movement, then pulled at the open edge as it fell away easily. His left hand still held her wrist firmly.

She yelped as he threw the remains of her dress aside and threw her against the alley fence roughly. She hit hard, nearly falling to her knees, though she managed to recover herself and stay on her feet. He was quickly against her again, his dagger at her throat. "C'mon, luv... We could both enjoy this... It's really up to you..." With the point of his dagger, he nudged her chin so her cheek was exposed to him. He ran his tongue from her jaw slowly up to her ear, then roughly sucked and nipped her earlobe. His breath was hot on her skin; she was sweating despite the cold air. His free hand roughly grasped her now naked breast as his mouth moved down to meet the nipple and nip it sharply.

She moaned in discomfort, the knife still at her throat. "Please... ok... I'll let you... just don't hurt me... let my brother go..." Her voice was scared and quiet. He turned her face roughly to look him in the eyes. His face was grim as he stared into her eyes, tears streaming from them. After a few moments he smiled wickedly.

"All right, luv... We'll have fun together." He eased away from her slightly, his eyes still gazing hungrily up and down her body as she whimpered slightly, slowly dropping to her knees, the tears flowing freely down her face as she looked sadly to the ground in front of her. He unfastened his pants, freeing his firm manhood. Teasingly, he held the base, lifting her chin with his tip. Her eyes closed, fighting to hold back the sobs, she gently kissed the tip of his cock. Then, with the tip of her tongue, licked the drop of pre-cum already starting to form. She seemed to calm slightly as she lightly took the base of his shaft in her hand, slowly sliding his head between her lips, teasing the rim lightly in her mouth with her tongue.

He moans slightly, already impressed. "Mmm... One might think you've done this sort of thing before, luv..." She slid him out of her mouth, then slowly took him deeper in, looking slightly up at him longingly as she began to slowly slide her mouth in then out of her mouth. She tilted her head slightly, turning her mouth around his hard cock as she moved up and down the shaft, closing her eyes. She seemed to be starting to enjoy paying her brothers debts.

His breathing started to grow heavier as she worked, taking him deeper and deeper into her mouth. She moaned slightly as his pre-cum touched her tongue again; one of her hands coming up and pulling his pants further down at the back and gripping his bare ass. She took him into her mouth deep, his cock starting to tickle the back of her throat.

She grippe his ass tightly in her hand, pulling him deep into her mouth, her tongue caressing his cock firmly, swirling around and over it. Her free hand caressed his testicles as she affectionately pleasured his member.His groans were coming unhindered now. Suddenly, he pulled free of her, roughly shoving her by the side of the head; she fell to her hands. He laughed cruelly. "That was pretty good, luv, but that won't be quite enough..."

He dropped to his knees behind her, pushing her by her back down onto the ground, pulling her hips against him with his other hand. His hard shaft slid teasingly along the slit of her entrance, then slid suddenly and roughly inside of her. She moaned loudly; was that in pleasure? He held her down with his left hand, pulling her roughly along his shaft by her hip with his other. She was wet, and he slid easily into her, filling her deeply with his hardness. She moaned louder into the gravel as he began thrusting harder; one of her hands dug into the ground as her other hand reached back, gripping her ass cheek, spreading herself for him a little more. He grinned widely, gritting his teeth as he slammed hard into her.

Suddenly, she bucked him, hard, and he lost balance, falling onto his back. He growled. "You bitch, I'm gonna... Huh?!" She pounced onto him, gripping his cock tightly and shoving it roughly into her, dropping down onto his shaft hard. She moaned loud and deep, the pleasure in her voice unmistakable. He smiled broadly, surprised. "Well, you've a beast in there, 'aven't ya?" He moved to sit up, but her hand was on his chest, shoving him back to the ground roughly. She glared at him hungrily, her fangs glistening in the light... when did she have fangs?

He began to panic, but she swiftly took his wrists in her hands and roughly pinned them beneath her knees. She continued to ride him roughly, faster and faster, as he tried to struggle uselessly. They both were moaning loudly now, their noises echoing down the alley; her noises full of lust and hunger, his half fear. He couldn't free his wrists, and he couldn't stop the soon to come orgasm.

Suddenly she screamed in ecstasy, her body tensing and her pussy gripping his cock tightly as she fell over the edge into bliss; her clenching muscles around his cock pulled him with her, and he exploded deep inside of her, filling her with him. She ground her self into his cock with each wave, drawing out the orgasm as long as she could.

Finally, she relaxed, smiling a Cheshire grin. "Mmm... that was a lovely dinner... Time for desert!" She smiled widely, baring her fangs.

"No... n-no... please..." He whimpered, the terror plain on his face.

"What's the matter, 'luv', don't like being the hunted for a change?" She hissed, lunging forward, sinking her teeth into the front of his throat deeply. he tried to scream, but only gurgled as blood poured from his mouth and throat. She pulled back sharply, rippping his vocal courds away and chewing slowly on the chunk of his throat. "Mmm... Not too bad... but I've tasted better. It's been a fun game, these last few months, but I'm afraid you won't be enjoying any more 'payments' from anyone. I hope it was all worth it." She smiled down at him, watching as the life drained from his eyes and he became a simple, dead husk.

"Finally finished with it, Sister?" A voice spoke from a rooftop just above her.

"Yes, Brother, sadly. It's a shame he ended so quickly..." She pouted slightly as she stood, the dead mans still-hot fluids dripping slowly down her leg.

"Her brother jumped down from the roof, a slightly hurt expression on his face. "Well, as long as you enjoyed yourself..."

She looked up at him, then burst out laughing. "Are you jealous, dear Brother?" She stepped close to him, pressing her body against his, her hand caressing his groin. "You know no one could ever love me as well as you... They couldn't survive me like you do..." she smiled wickedly.

For a moment, he seemed cold, ignoring her attentions... but the firm mound in his pants quickly gave him away, and he turned to look deep in her eyes. "Yes... yes, I know." He wrapped an arm firmly around her waist, kissing her passionately and slowly as his other hand slid between her legs, quickly finding her clitoris. She half moaned, half gasped into his mouth, melting into his touch, her hand gripping his shaft firmly, caressing it slightly through his trousers.

In the distance, a bell sounded. Morning was coming. They both stopped, turning first to the sound of the bell, then to the horizon. the sun was fast approaching. They looked into each others eyes and knew what they were both thinking. They shared a smile, and she quickly recovered her belongings. within moments, there was no trace of either aside from the lifeless corps now rotting in the alley...

The End

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