Cheryl : My last day ~taking some with me~

My skin was peeling off, it burned when the air hit it.  I tried to keep it wrapped in bandages.  I found Dermoplast and gauze at Riteaid.   I slathered it on.  My legs and arms were the worst. 

I am Cheryl and I am a survivor of the zombie plague.  I live over on Central in Redlands California.  Everyone human is gone, but I'm still there. 

I cannot describe the disappointment I felt when my government wasn't able to eradicate this plague, after all, we had our scientists, our secret divisions of the government,  we had our CDC.  How many plagues had we fought and won? But, I found out why.. yea, my government created it.  Imagine, flesh eating zombies..

I walked a little faster, I needed to get to the apartment, I was in pain, I was so stiff and the sun was starting to hurt my eyes.  I glanced up at the trees that lined State St. 

I wanted to sit under the tree next to Bank of America. "Oh God!"  I wiped away the tears.. "I can't cry to you now can I.. we finally teed you off, didn't we, playing with your designs, playing god?"

I headed up Citrus, past the high school, I'd gone there not too long ago, so had my brother, I would wave at him but why?  I shifted the bottles I carried from one hand to the other.  My limbs were so stiff. 

I made my way to the apartment, I dressed my sloughing skin, I shoved the tshirt in one of the bottles and walked down the stairs.

They milled around, blood soaked, bumping each other, sniffing the air, zombies.  I had been careful, I had watched my back, I had never been careless, except once..

I saw my brother milling about in the midst of them, I walked toward him.  I held the bottles close to my body, Oh yes, I walked amongst them, he had bitten me and, I was changing.  This would be my last day.

The smell of the gas made my nose burn, I lit the end of the shirt that hung out of the bottle, the other I poured over me and splashed over as many of them as I could.  Their disembodied screams rang out and I hoped someone heard them, I hoped someone knew they were suffering...

Fire, clean, disinfecting, this was the eradication process, I didn't even mind the pain, I knew I was free, I died the way I'd been born.. Human..


The End

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