Andrew De'Laire - Project Phoenix Files

Project Phoenix File No. A25269 Archive.
Reconstruction Initiative: Data Retrieval Department.

Video data recovered from server system approx. three years after first infection in an abandoned stronghold on a Hoffman island one mile ESE of South Beach, Richmond NY.

I know that most people won't be able to crack the encryption code on this server database... but I do know that there will be people coming here, at some point in time or another. So I'm making sure this video is available on the unlocked profile of the server access PC. People have to know what happened, so I'm telling you what I can.

My name is Andrew De'Laire, I'm a field observation specialist working with what's left of USAMRIID out on Plum Island. Although I've been sent to Hoffman island to observe the infected in the New York area and send my data back. I'm alone here, and Plum Island hasn't sent any supplies in a few weeks. I'm starving. Before I die, I have to tell everything I know about this... whatever this is.

Plum island was a backup plan, in case things went awry with the research being done in Maryland.

God... we had no idea what we were doing did we?

After the outbreak, those who were capable of escaping Maryland in one piece were brought to Plum Island. They were all quarantined, every single one of them.

We were left on Plum Island to act as a reserve, but I don't think they ever inteded us to be needed. Next thing you know, I'm interrogating scientist after scientist through a mic as they sat in air tight chambers. I'll never forget their echoed words as they described the things they witnessed.

The chief of operations at Plum Island decided that, since they were most likely infected, they would be best suited as our test subjects, as they could tell us in detail the symptoms and changes that were occurring to them.

As you can imagine, they were not exactly compliant with this idea.

We started working on a viable inoculant immediately.

Things were not going well though. Most subjects had already been infected, and some of them were reacting in unforeseen ways.

It turns out, Maryland researchers somehow created a retroviral strain of the R virus with recombinanating properties that infected necrotic hosts. In laymans terms; it is a virus that is capable of mutating the DNA in dead people.

But that wasn't all.

It couldn't just take over your body if you were living, not with those properties I just explained.

Something else was at play. Something I don't think modern medical science can begin to understand.

The staff we got from Maryland didn't all react the same, some were tolerant to the infection, and remained somewhat coherent for a far greater period of time than expected.

Others however, were driven mad, by something we weren't capable of isolating. Something in the R virus was causing them to completely lose their minds. Before becoming completely incapable of communication, most were complaining of periodic loss of control over their thoughts or actions.

In all honesty, the only way we could properly describe it is that they were being.... "possessed" by something that was attempting to take over their minds.

It was as if the virus was telling them to do things.

This isn't completely ludicrous, there are cordyceps fungi that cause specific behavioral changes in insects, and several kinds of parasitic worms that can also take over some insects and snails in particular.

But with the complexities found in the human mind, this was practically impossible.

Not to mention that after cretain stages of infection, the patients were capable of things that I really don't understand.

As far as I could tell, the virus had to compete with control of the body when a person was still living. However, after death and the shutdown of the brain, it had free reign.

At this point, it would begin to reconstruct the damaged tissue with cell tissue that I've never in my entire carreer, set eyes on.

This cell tissue was massively mutated, and often times the physiological mutations would progress in an extremely chaotic fashion. Nevertheless, the end state was nearly always a structured organism, capable of carrying out actions driven by some unkown instinctual guidelines.

Since I've been here, I've been able to categorize at least a dozen different species of mutated humans.

I've kept sending data until the line was cut a few days ago.

I don't know what's left for me to do here.

I haven't eaten anything substantial in nearly three weeks, and my water supply is very low.

I've made up my mind.

Before one of those things mutates enough to be able to fly or swim, I'm going to put an end to this for myself.

If you come across this, go to Plum Island. If there's any hope for a cure or inoculation of some kind, it's there. If the place isn't already overrun.

Jessie I love you... I'm coming home.

*Subject self-terminates by  putting pistol to roof of mouth and pulling the trigger*

The End

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