Jon - the pick up

Once I figured out where Jared and his crew were, we got moving. Making a little better than 27 kts we rushed to the wharf he described, approaching from the east and aiming roughly halfway along it's length. Becker was up top with the field glasses, shouting down directions. Once I had them pinged, I shouted at him to start targeting the berserkers but not to fire until I said. We were coming in hot and I didn't want him to miss the Infected and hit one of the friendlies.

He didn't listen.

The group were advancing, or rather retreating, two by two. Laying down a withering fire at the three berserkers; the nearest of which was only twenty feet away.

Becker opened fire, the Barrett bellowing above me and the bullett  ploughed into the concrete by the feet of one of the group, who I later learned was Pvt James Presley (no relation). The private lost his footing as the chunks of concrete exploded and was scrabbling back to his feet when the lead berserker caught up with him. Reece had seen what was happening and laid a double-tap in the berserker's head, closely followed by another round from the Barrett. 

(I was in danger of going deaf from that thing.)

Private Presley was dead at that point, but he didn't know it. The BMG round passed through the Berserker's body in a fraction of a second, turning tissue and fluids into a fine mist. Which James Presley, Pvt (First Class), Purple Heart and a respectable tour to his name despite his young age) breathed in.

The Barrett crashed out again neutralising the second berserker a split second before I cut throttles and dialed up reverse thrust to bring us up against the wharf. Becker reached over with a boat hook and dragged the Private on board even as the others were jumping down.

I jammed the throttles to full open and the boat surged forwards. The remaining berserker stood and roared it's frustration as we slipped beyond reach.

Becker lined up a shot at it, but Reece told him not to waste the ammunition. I think I'm going to get on well with Reece.


We decided on Hoffman Island, a little north of the wharf. And wondered what we were going to find there and what we were going to do with the soon-to-be deceased Pvt. Presely.

The execution committee was already forming on the deck...

The End

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