Jarred Reece - Project Phoenix Files

Project Phoenix File No. J45299 Archive.
Reconstruction Initiative: Data Retrieval Department.

Charred remains of notepad found on the body of pers Probable owner: Sgt. Jarred Reece approx. three years after first infection in an abandoned stronghold on a Hoffman island one mile ESE of South Beach, Richmond NY.

Data department carbonized imprints on following pages to discover what was written on a page ripped from the notepad.

I somehow feel this needs to be written down.

I've killed people in my life, more than I could care to count.

There are times though when th- * several illegible words * and decisions just have to be made.

I just met the kid.

I couldn't get him out, and even if I did. He'd have just slowed us down.
The others don't know. It's better that way.

I'd like them to do the same for me if I were in that position.

One bullet to the head.

I'll remember to save one just in case.


The End

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