Bo - Project Phoenix Files

Project Phoenix File No. B52689 Archive.
Reconstruction Initiative: Data Retrieval Department.

Audio data recovered from destroyed armored vehicle found at National Oil Spill Response Test Facility, located in Leonardo, New Jersey. Approx. Three years after fist infection.


Crew Commander Posn. - "One hundred fifty, at two o'clock."

Gunner Posn.- "Traversing... On."

Crew Commander Posn. - "Let's try sabot."

Gunner Posn.- "Ready."

Crew Commander Posn. - "Fire."

*Thump Thump Thump*

Crew Commander Posn. - "Hit! ... wait for the dust to settle."

Driver Posn. - "Here they come!"

*Bursts of coax mounted machine gun fire*

Crew Commander Posn. - "To your left! Nine O'clock."

Gunner Posn.- "Seen."

Crew Commander Posn. - "Fire at will!"

*Thump Thump Thump Thump*

Driver Posn. - "Jesus, he's still coming."

Rear Sentry Posn. - "There's one on our a$$ man!"

*The sound of steel bending*

Driver Posn. - "Get it fast!"

Rear Sentry Posn. - "It's going for the hatch!"

*Thump Thump Thump Thump*

Gunner Posn. - "Out of Sabot, going to H.E."

Crew Commander Posn.- "Target left, get it before it reaches us.

*Thump Thump Thump*

Rear Sentry Posn. - "Yes! It's finally down!"

Crew Commander Posn. - "There's still two more."

*More steel bending*

Driver Posn. - "Aaargh! Aaaaargh!"

Gunner Posn - "Jay he's at the driver hatch! Get out! Get... Oh god no!"

Rear Sentry Posn. - "F@&$ing! S@$! I can't move!"

Crew Commander Posn. *faint* - "Dismount Dismount! Through the Gunner's hatch!"


Rear Hatch - "Boris!"

Rear Sentry Posn. *faint* - "Arhg, I can't F@*$ing move man! I don't want to die here! Arrgh!"

Gunner Posn. - "Boris! Give me your hand!"


*Machine gun fire ceases*

Gunner Posn. - "Boris!"

Rear Sentry Posn. *faint* - "Arrgh! Jarred, don't leave me here!"

Gunner Posn. - *Single loud gunshot*

Rear Sentry Posn. *static*

Gunner Posn. - "Move out. Go go go!"

The End

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