Sgt. Jarred Reece - To Jon: Almost there.

Thing's aren't going too well. We lost the LAV III. I'm sending you this from the remains of the vehicle.

Can't write long.

We encountered a large group of infected. There were at least six Berzerkers with a horde of a few hundred Shamblers (The Shamblers are getting faster Jon, be careful).

We still had some 30 mm sabot and H.E. remaining so, we opened fire. We were hoping we could take all the Berzerkers out with what we had left, but we ran short.

Two of them were still remaining when we ran dry of 30 millimeter. We had to dismount as they began crushing the lav in on top of us. It took about seven M203's and a Karl Gustav RAP round to put them down.

Bad news: Lost Jason (driver) and Boris. They couldn't get out in time.

Good news: We're only a few kilometers from the bay you mentioned. I map recce'd the National Oil Spill Response Test Facility nearby and was en route to search for survivors or salvage. That's where we met the horde.

We're on the run, making our way along the massive Wharf to the south of the bay. There are a lot of infected nearby, we'll need your help to clear them out.

Didn't even TRY To get into the facility.

There is also one ship docked, maybe we scout that out later.

Last thing. Saw a few small islands, perhaps the ones you were talking about. There's one just about a mile south east of the western beach of the bay, It's diamond shaped. Seems like a good size for our needs.

Gotta run, I hear some unfriendly howling.

The End

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