Jarred Reece - Project Phoenix Files

Project Phoenix File No. J45298 Archive.
Reconstruction Initiative: Data Retrieval Department.

Charred remains of notepad found on the body of pers Probable owner: Sgt. Jarred Reece approx. three years after first infection in an abandoned stronghold on a small island one mile ESE of South Beach NY.
First legible page.

May 21st 2013:

*illegible* literally ran into some hoodlum two days ago. I nearly shot him between the eyes as he raised his weapon to me. After Shawn took him to the ground, it was ironic *illegible* discover that there was no round in the chamber; he had forgotten to cock the Beretta.

The truck he was driving was slowing down as it turned the corner. Shawn, Steve and I were already inside getting the supplise from the harware store when we heard it. Jason called over on the radio as soon as he saw the truck, but by then it was too late.

The thing careened right into the LAV III. Luckily, there's minor damage as he hit the front left. One of the headlights was hanging loose for a bit, but Jason fixed it soon enough.

The guy's huge, biker type. His name is Boris. We lost some manpower last week, as previously stated in my May 5th entry.
Gonna miss Charles and Jackson... even though Jackson would never shut up about that 2012 end of the world prophecy bullcrap.
Sure, things went bad near new years, sure there's some December 21st Prophecy out there, but I honestly can't believe in any of that.

It's far more likely that someone just happened to let this thing go by inspiration of the 2012 prophecy. Maybe this anonymous person had a little too much glue to sniff and a few ideas around the occult and the real world melted together.

So far as I'm concerned, any concept of supernatural in what's going on is simply due to a lack of knowledge on the causes.

There are viruses out there that only grow in dead things, I'm sure this is just one of those, that got slightly out of hand... ... yeah... slightly.

Anyway, I'm going to bed, gotta get up to man the turret in two hours. Have lots more to talk about, especially this Jon character, but I'm getting too tired to write, and Jason's driving over some rough terrain so it's making it even harder to keep my pen on the paper.I'm going to bed, gotta get up to man the turret in two hours.

Miss you so much Alexis, I hope you're watching over me.

The End

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