Jon - to Sgt. Reece

We're moored out in the water in a place showing on charts as being called Sandy Hook Bay - it's a little south and a little west of manhattan. From here looks like a lot of new york city is burning. Becker is on the upper decks scoping out the area using the scope on the Barrett. He's pretty attatched to that thing now, we stopped en route near Atlantic City so he could practice. The boardwalk was full of shamblers with a couple of Berserkers. It took him 26 shots to get the first berserker's head to explode in a cloud of pink, but only 9 shots for the second. Let's hope his accuracy continues to improve.

We've got half a tank left after emptying the containers, so a range of roughly 400 nautical miles.

I'm starting to think we need a semi-permament and safe base of operations. But it has to be close enough for raiding. As they don't appear to swim very well how about an island? There's a few round here.

We'll stay here until we hear from you, maybe scout the area a little. Got food and water for 4 days.

The End

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