Becker - on Jon's yacht

Well he finally let me outtta that cabin. I was sweating and sore for about 8 hours in total. He left me some water but no pills for the blinding headache. Was pretty unimpressed at the time, but since getting some meds, some chow and a hot cuppa joe in me I feel a lot better. He apologized with a fairly abrupt british accent and I tipped my hat back at him for rescuing me off that hellhole.

We should never have boarded, it was making way under low power and was in no danger of ramming our base, but some of the guys on board wanted to scout it for luxuries. A quick recce showed no movement and they didn't respond to radio or voice hails.

I........I was the last aboard. I was keeping the patrol boat steady and covering the visible parts of the deck with a carbine. Heard a screamed call for assistance. By the time I tied up and jumped over, nobody was left to save. La st thing I remember was sprinting back out of the salon on the main deck, then waking up on this tub.


He's gone below now to sleep. Left me to pilot the boat, although the computer is doing most of the work, I'm just keeping a lookout and monitoring the guages mostly. I spent some time stripping and checking the Barrett, the M4 and the Sig. Beautiful weapon that Barrett, fires a damn dirty great bullet very fast and very accurate. Never used one before, but I've been hunting with a Winchester .30-30 and put in a lot of range time with other rifles for most my life so I think I can handle it. May do some practice when Jon wakes back up. Would be good combination for boat-based incursions to shore - me on the upper deck with the Barrett covering Jon. Only works out in the open though as we found on the superyacht.


Fuel status looking good - we upped cruising speed to 15kts as we had more than enough what with the extra load Jon got off the patrol boat so we can afford to burn it a little faster.

We'll be in the Manhattan area this time tomorrow probably.

The End

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