Jon - to Sgt. Reece

Sergeant - I'm in a Sunseeker Predator motoryacht - length 25m and beam 6m. It'll navigate most rivers and deeper canals. Hard to guess ETA as I don't know the waters and I'm being pretty cautious on the autpilot settings when I'm sleeping. I'd suggest 48 hours from now I'll be within spitting distance of Manhattan. 

I chose the big apple as it's easily recognisable and naviagable to (both land and sea) and I was intending to pick up the samples left by Carolina. Though with the message posted by Anonymous, I'm not sure quite how much value these would add even if we knew who to get them to.

A less conspicuous dock would make a lot of sense. I'd suggest one with plenty of fuel, a deep enough berth that we can bring salvaged vessels back to and one which can easily be sealed or barricaded on the land side. No sense in fighting an enemy on two fronts if we can help it after all.

If you pass any agricultural stores, try and pick up a bag or two of amonium nitrate fertiliser. I'll show you some interesting things which can be done with amonium nitrate and fuel oil.

One last note before I sign off - in the course of your shipyard / dock searches, see if you can find inbound schedules / manifests. May tell us where to look for cargo ships.

Good luck.


The End

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