Bo - I hate army guys, but like when they give me guns!

Hey Jon, it's me.
Had a few bad run-ins recently. The truck's pretty damaged, had to leave it behind. I had only used a very small amount of the diesel, but unless I can find another tractor, that thing's not going anywhere.

You won't believe what I ran into. Funnily enough, they call it their "boat." It's an armored vehicle, couldn't see the thing worth my life until I hit it. I guess that's the point. It must be a good measure shorter than my truck, but obviously a lot heavier and a heck of a load more sturdy.

I got out with my gun, thinking it was abandoned and that maybe I could use it (if I figured out how to get it running) All the doors were locked though, so I circled around a bit looking for any trace of what had gone on and why it was sitting just around the corner from a building.

That's when they got me.

At first I thought it was one of those fast ones so I brought up my gun and was gonna pull the trigger... bad idea. I was on the ground, disarmed with my wrist being twisted into some crazy shapes before I knew it.

Good thing is, after they realized I wasn't infected, they took some fuel from the tank and let me in the vehicle. It's REALLY cramped in here, barely any room for me at all considering all the junk they've got. However, it DOES have a satellite computer system that I'm using right now.

There's only five guys in here, they say there were more of them, but they ran into one of them big ones not that long ago and barely got back to the LAV in time. Lost three guys.

They went back later to get the bodies and whatever extra kit they could salvage, so they've let me wear one of their buddies stuff. I'm actually really glad for that, they've been really nice.

Still pretty angry that they ruined my truck though.

Anyway, I told them about the deal to go to New York. They say they don't like the idea of going to a big city, but they think they can manage it.

Cool thing is, they're Canadians too man! So freaking strange!

According to them, the Canadian army came down to help out when things were starting to get really bad. I never seen any of them or heard about it because I had originally gone up north to try and get into a cold enough climate to stop them, didn't work though.

Anyway, the LAV Captain said he'd be getting on here and trying to get some more info from you.

Cheers man.

The End

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