Anonymous - The Truth Will Out

The truth is that none of this was supposed to happen, although I should have known it would. There is a price to pay for hubris, for wanting to play God, play with forces I had no right to play with.

Casey, if you are still able to read, this was not your fault. I hope you at least get to know that before you succumb. Whatever you have found is only a temporary measure. It will not cure you. I have spent every moment since I first realized things were getting out of control trying to find the right combination. I have yet to find anything that will stop the mutations and return this epidemic to solely a disease.

My name is unimportant. Or rather, it is too important. I have no wish to become a sacrife on the altar of vengeance. Others were involve, I was not the only one to blame. I am, however, most likely the only one left. If I am not, I am certain I am the only one who is willing to admit the truth.

I am a scientist by training, but I have always had a fascination with the supernatural, the occult, for lack of better terms. There are a number of cultures that tell stories of mystical diseases, resurrections. I found funding for my research, although that might seem surprising. Not now, I suppose. Now it has all been proven all too correct.

My project was the study of such mystical diseases, the possibility of their development. I admit I was aware of the military applications such diseases might have. For if the origin of the disease includes a supernatural element, it stands to reason that its cure would also require such. The unlikelihood of any government having the cure for such a blend is fairly clear.

Unfortunately, that unlikelihood was all too real. I had not counted on what would happen, on how quickly the development of a supernatural strain would result in its ability to be resistent to regular preventative measures.

Nor did I foresee how easily it would mutate. It seems that it has taken on a life of its own. I am not sure it can be stopped. At least not by typical medical means. I have tried to find some of my contacts, those who might have the means to help me find a way to stop this. I have yet to find any answers.

If you are reading this, be advised: Things are going to get worse. The mutations are not over. These are not the mindless walking corpses that the first shamblers appeared to be.

I wish you luck, Militia. I strongly suggest praying or any rituals you can think of. If I thought my death would be enough sacrifice to bring this to an end I would attempt any ritual you selected from the repetoire I have collected. As I am sure my death will not be sufficient, I feel protecting my identity much more useful as my continued existence may prove useful.

Should I discover anything of use, I will not hesitate to share it.

For now, know that I am sorry.

The End

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