Jon - course set

Well it looks to be about a round thousand nautical miles from here to Manhattan. I was going to avoid the big cities but Carolina's message and samples are probably worth following up.

Bo - you want to meet up somewhere south of NYC? We can probably liberate a car or use your truck to get into the city and try to retrieve those samples if anyone knows of a use for them? How about disease research - isn't there something in Atlanta?

At a cruising speed of 12kts it's going to take 72hrs solid to get to the area of NYC and that's if I don't sleep. I can set autopilot, this thing has all mod cons but I still reckon on another 65 hours from now - that's nearly 3 days. And I may need to top up fuel en route, this thing can do 1k miles when tanks are full but I've already used some.

It would be very handy if anyone reading this in Manhattan could get the samples and meet us at, say, battery park docks.......?

The End

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