Malk - Boom!

War Journal- Third entry

First off, the reports on the Radio station are quite true. A slew of undead bodies and what appeared to be one massive explosion are in fact correct.

Consider the north end of the city completely overrun, I scouted the zone myself with Oompa. Whatever's going on up there, it's bad, mass of shamblers and others up there.

On the bright side, the elephant man is no more, downside. I'm going to be prepping proxy mines to replace the east bank for the next week. Looks like he threw himself directly at the mines to see if he could manage to storm through the field. There are parts of him scattered for a good twenty feet if not more. Then shamblers tried to get through after the explosion. I've never seen them work in unison before, may have just been fluke. I really really hope I'm mistaken.

We lost a few scouts over the last day, I'm calling back all search units for survivors effective immediately. There's something out there, and until I have a better grasp on it, we're not going back out.

Cassandra, if you are searching for us, we are currently utilizing the subway tram off Main and Willow, I wouldn't recommend locating us at this time. I can send Wolf to get you when we're clear if you prefer, he's one of our best, and a master at keeping undetected out there. You are probably safest in your current location.

In other news, Oompa's been acting, odd lately. Between stealing some of my equipment to refit for herself, the zombie intestine incident. I'll never get the smell out of the bedroom after that, and offering me a drink. I believe she may be starting to adjust, to well, people. It's a nice change, she's usually set the others on end, but offering me a swig of her own stash during the fire definitely improved the other's view of her.

We are making some modification to our defense for the tunnels. I'm getting sick of setting up proxies to have them detonated the same day. I've taken a few flashcaps, black powder and nails, made my own version of the zombie guillotine. Basically black powder, and nails, then set up a tripline, the flashcap goes off, igniting the powder and sending nails in all directions in the tunnels. This seems to be very effective in stopping shamblers, guess it takes very little to short out what little grey matter they have left.

Finally, a note to all survivors, night is getting worse, the shamblers are even showing greater agression at this time. 

Till next time, stay safe, stay alive.


The End

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