Carolina - my last hours

Harder to breathe.....heartbeat getting erotic now.


E-rat-ic. Sounds strange.

I was bitten six hours ago. I made a dash to the convenience store over the street. I live in Manhattan, 163 west 78th, top floor, on the left.

Monster caught me on the way back, arms full of stuff; food, cigarettes. I dropped a pack in the middle of the street and went back for it. That's when it got me. They say smoking will kill ya.

There was a tyre iron.....after the thing bit my shoulder I fell and grabbed the iron. Swung blindly and hit it's knee I think. It went down hard and still came for me again. I scrabbled away and in through the door. Up the stairs. Left a trail of blood up the wall like a movie cliche.

I'm a nurse. In a virology unit. Hang on a second I think I'm gonna f


It's getting worse....concentrate

I've been recording symptoms and times and I've taken a blood sample every hour. The last one about 20 minutes ago. Left them labelled. In the kitchen in some cold water.

My eyes are dull. I'm going now. I'm going to jump off the top floor....see if I can fall on the f******* that bit me

Someone please pray for me.

The End

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