Jon: Setting sail

Hi Bo - good to hear from someone, it's been a bit lonely here with no interaction.

I'm not sure what the range of this gin palace is, or fuel consumption, or how far it is up the coast. I need to get online and look up the stats as the operator's manual for this thing is nowhere to be found. I'm sure I had it when I rented it, but oh well.

GIve me a day or so to plot my route. I haven't slept in....I don't know how long....and my concentration is going. I've set the collision avoidance radar tolerances to blare out if anything else approaches...barricaded the doors off the deck and to the master's cabin and checked chamber on the 12 guage about a million times.

I'll give you a hoy when I wake up again. If I wake up again.

By the way.....I've noticed that websites are dropping thick and fast. Amazon is down already. I hope this one holds.

The End

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