Aaron: Fodder Down

God, I hope I get this out in time. They're outside.

Door's not going to hold. I tried, I did. Put stuff against it, but I'm not sure  what else to do. Too late. You won't get here in time, don't come. That big zerker, whatchamacallit, is here. Him and some others. Dunno why, but they're breaking in. Something they want here. Must be, there's just me, but they've been at it for an hour. I'm at the downtown radio station. Do not come down here.

Can't be sure it will get them all. Only enough for one bomb, and there's just one way out. Can't go anywhere.

They're breaking in gonna die I didn'twanttogo thisway.

Staysafe. Live. Makeitthru.

Tell them I tr-

The End

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