Jon - on a yacht

Hi all, I'm Jon. I've only just got this thing working again. But I now have navigation, comms and power. I'm on a motor cruiser moored a couple of miles off Miami. I don't know exactly where, the GPS is still problematical. I have food for another week, diesel tanks are two thirds full and a 12-guage Ithaca. I've managed to escape most of the troubles, but had a run in on a merchant vessel I tried to board for fuel a couple of days ago. All of the crew had turned, and I jumped off even before I'd scouted half the vessel. I thought I was going to have a heart attack!

By the way, they don't swim very well, they can paddle for a few feet but then they sink.

I'm going to start working my way up the eastern coast I think and look for survivors or somewhere to hide out on land. Any suggestions? I'm british and don't know the cities very well.

The End

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