Cassandra - Arrival.

I have arrived back home, and now have a somewhat functional base of operation. I found an older apartment building one of the districts where the infestation began, so by now, the zombies have moved on to bigger and better pastures.

I took some time to completely investigate the building as well. I found several journals, and other logs, thankfully there were no zombies, it appears this building was one of the few that were evacuated when the initial panic broke out and the military was still working.

The first thing I did was transported all my essential items up the stairs, clothing, what food I had left and my laptop of course. It appears this was another building converted by the big green movement a few years ago. The solar cells on this building were still functional, great!

Next I found the maintenance tool shed and took some tools, I began to unbolt the stairwells, leaving the top floor inaccessable except for elevator and pulley access. Next I left a plank holding the elevator on the top floor, meaning only I can use the elevator when I remove the plank.

Finally I checked the security doors on the bottom floor, the keys are long gone, but I was able to get a dead bolt working for while I was in the building. As an added precaution My sleeping quarters were bolted from the inside as well, the shotgun is loaded and rests under the bed. I will ensure that I have some type of early warning system in place the next morning. Hopefully, my scent can't be detected that easily by the zombies, at least that high up, it will prove difficult if they were able to find me.

As I slowly loaded the shotgun, I realized something, would I be able to kill one of these zombies in self defense when and if the moment occurs. By all account, they aren't even human anymore. I became familiar with how the gun was to be loaded, ensured I had a shells on my person at all time, and made sure I understood how the gun worked and what was needed to keep it working. To the Militia, if you are in this city. I could use some help finding you.

The End

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