Oompa: Unexpected

I do not think Malk liked the intestines I left for him. Today he had me patrolling the perimeter, checking all the bombs. Stupid bombs. Did I forget to mention that Malk took my booze first? All those bombs and no booze? That is a lot of walking.

Fekker. At least I had the shovel. It worked good on the couple of zombies that were wandering around. No big deals, just some shamblers. One of the screamers, but I had my headphones in. Malk said not to, but now that they saved me I say screw him, I do it my way. I mostly do anyway, just now I'm going to tell him.

I don't know why he cares so much. I still think we should stay here, hole in, just wait to see if it will blow over. What are they going to do when they run out of new food? It will happen eventually. Either we'll all be dead or we'll survive and the zombies won't get us. Either way, they will run out of new food.

Malk says not to talk like that. I think he hopes maybe he can save more than just a few. Maybe he thinks he's a hero.

Oh. Right. Log stuff Malk said I'm supposed to write about. Too many of the bombs had gone off. Took me ages to get them all reset. One got broken up by zombies. I think maybe more than just shamblers, but not sure what. Don't think it was a zerker, but maybe. Maybe something new. Malk is worried about the new ones that jump.

Me too, I guess. One of them almost got me, although I still say I could have bashed its head in first if Wolf hadn't splattered it all over me.

Bombs. Right. Whatever Malk calls them. I fixed them, bashed in a few zombies. Works good. Still more fun than other stuff. Bit of a challenge. I like a challenge.

Malk says I'm crazy.

Maybe he'll give me my booze back now. I did my perimeter check, did my log. Now I want to drink. I think maybe he took some of my booze. Might ask if he wants to share some. Just him though. Wolf would just drink it all I think. Somebody has to be sober, as long as it isn't me.

Write more next time Malk makes me.


The End

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