Casey - Medical Diary

This is my second entry. I'm broadcasting using the bases emergency radio systems for as long as I can. There has to be other survivors out there. Someone has to hear this, my confession.

I don't know why I'm still alive. To be honest, I've though about ending it all but somehow I can't bear the thought that if I do, I'll just end up as one of them.

Sometimes I find myself dreaming, yet awake. I think the virus has reached my brain. I guess the vaccine must be keeping it at bay. Oh, yeah, the vaccine, I tested it out on myself. I had nothing else to lose, I'm dead anyway but at least if this message gets through, maybe they can find a cure. Even if it works, I'm dead. I'm out of food and if I venture out of my safe little hole I'll be torn apart.

I guess there's no point in me whining any more. Time to get serious.

Okay. Casey Zygmuntowicz, medical journal entry number one.

I first got infected trying to escape from one of the infected. My arm was grazed by a stray bullet and I must have contracted the infection from some blood to blood contact. At least, I hope so, God please don't let this have become airborne.

I cleared the wound and disinfected it but it's obvious I'm doomed. The symptoms moved like wildfire and seem to be accelerated by the process of necrosis. I have a theory that the kill switch chemical triggers released by the cells act as a catalyst for the virus' self-replication genes but more tests are required to be sure.

God I'm so hungry! Arrrgh! Arrrrrgh!

God, I'm sorry. That was another symptom. Occasionally I get bouts of irrational rage. My mouth is always dry and I have a hunger than never seems sated no matter what I eat. I scream with rage sometimes. It seems to be a common symptom, perhaps you can hear the roaring outside in the background.

I've administered the vaccine, about a day after I my last recording. I had a brief period where the shakes stopped and so I took the opportunity. There are fifteen vials of R-311-A and R-310-A on the base, if you are out there, maybe you can come get them. If it's worth it. I'll keep recording these as long as I can to give you an idea but for now, I need to lay down again. The other symptom you should look out for is tiredness, nightmares and a cold sweat. Sometimes I wake up screaming, sometimes I wake up with my face pressed against the glass windows, peering at the bodies laying there, spittle running down my chin like some kind of dog. God I'm so scared. The virus is winning damn it!

Damn it! Damn it all! I'm so hungry! Arrrrrrggh!

The End

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