Malk- Faith

War Journal Entry

Another death today, a young girl. She stayed by her boyfriend after he was bitten, thankfully the mutation was just a shambler. Nothing very threatening at least. Still, I don't like to see anyone dying, especially on my missions.  Oompa put em both out of the way, clean bashes to the skull, bloody but effective. 

Thankfully Wolf was able to keep Oompa safe, I swear she's got the most sand in this unit. Headlong into the fray with a shovel, and a few grenades. I tried offering her one of my pistols, but she refused.

Hell, it was close though. We are discovering a new breed out there, Stalkers, quiet as hell, and able to leap large distances to attack us. They were able to tell Wolf as well, and adjusted their running to outsmart his sniping, well for a short time. I'm not sure where Wolf came from, but he's told me he's the best at what he does. He was able to snap a killing shot off before it got Oompa, well close anyways. She got a good coating of blood and viscera, quite cute to see her reaction to that at least, but she's got our shower rations for the incident. 

Between her and Wolf, they're the family I got left. My mates were killed on the last big outbreak before I could properly save em. Family, well, we're not going to touch that subject. Wolf put it best, they're in the ground, no good reliving some skeletons. I'm not sure what put her in the hospital, but we heard the crashing from outside. A few shotgun shells and Wolf's tact with his rifle we found her. I'm not sure what made her the way she is now, but I'll be damned if I don't put it in the ground next.

I'm concerned if the virus is still evolving, it produced another type of zombie. I'll double check my proxies outside the gateways. Make sure they're capable of higher range.

However, I'm handling this the way Oompa would arguably state is best, some mind numbing booze. We really need to step up base defense, Several proxy mines have gone off from the subway tunnels, I suspect we got shamblers stumbling in thinking that it's dark they got the homefield advantage, sadly enough they forgot we still got night vision goggles. 

Although I hate to tell the survivors in our care, we're getting low on rations, bullets, and in my case books. 

Just remember, if you are bitten, or spat on. Do not stay with your loved ones, leave before you hurt them. To those with a victim, incapacitate them for their own good. 

On guard for the Midnight Shift


The End

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