Oompa: Zombie Guts

Fekking zombie guts, all over my fekking clothes.

Gotta go save the girl, Malk says. Even if she's stupid enough not to get the fek out of there when she knows her guy's bit. She didn't even tie him up or lock him away. Nope, she sits there with him while there are zombies outside. Zombies outside, about to be a zombie inside. People like that should be dead. Real dead, though. Got enough zombies.

But we had to save her. So what does Malk do? Send me in. So my shovel and I go in. Or at least we tried to. I ask Wolf for a little cover and what do I get? Zombie guts. Blood all over my fekking clothes. In my hair. I know he did it on purpose. He's too good to do it by accident. Nope, he hit them so they'd make a mess all over me.

I didn't even get to beat them into pulp with my shovel.

Bastards are giving me their shower times. Gonna take that long to get all the blood off.

Yuck. I think I just found an ear in my pocket. I will leave it for Wolf as a thank you. Next time I'll bash a zombie skull his way. See if he can shoot it up before it falls on him.

Girl was already dead anyway. Stupid girl, staying with a gonna-be-zombie. Had to bash in her head. Felt kinda bad about it, I guess. So if you read this, get away when your friend gets bit or spit on. Blow them up, tie them, lock them away. Do not stay with them. You will become a zombie too, then we'll have to bash in your head.

They got me out of the hospital and I owe them, Malk and Wolf. Place was full of zombies and no shovel, nothing good to hit them with. Easy enough to hide, but still. Was no good. So Malk saved my arse and I owe him. He's good. Bit off, this wanting to save people. But good. Somebody has to watch his back.

Maybe I leave some intestines for him. Maybe hang them on his bed so it looks pretty.

I came here not so long ago. Seemed like a good place to be. Better than home. I got beat up, ended up in the hospital. They think just because I'm not so big I can't hit hard. Thought I was drunk so I was helpless. They were worse off than me, that's for sure. But I ended up in the hospital. So Malk got me out. Now I wonder what it's like back home. From what we hear, not much different than here. Mess everywhere.

So guess I'm glad I'm here. Got Malk. Oh yeah, and Wolf, that fekker.

Still taking their shower times. Maybe some of their clothes, cut them down to fit me. Not sure these are wearable. Not even after that much washing. I'll try though. Don't want to waste them. Good stuff. Got places to put my booze.

Good enough. Screw war logs. Got booze to drink before Malk thinks to make firebottles with it. And shower. Really need that shower.

The End

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