Cassandra - Flight


I am still allright, still alive..This transmission is being made from an abandoned gas station, it won't be nearly as long but you must know. The Lonely Pines Lake is no longer safe, last night there was an attack by what I can only guess what referred to as a Berserker, a very loud violent zombie. It shattered the door off it's hinges before moving on. I was very lucky it didn't hear me, however the instant the zombie was gone, I grabbed my laptop, what little supplies I still have and ran for my car. 

Unfortunately, that means I need to find a new location immediately, something where I cannot be followed once I return to the city. Thankfully at the gas station I have found a rechargeable solar cell, meaning my laptop will be useable more often, meaning I can continue my entries. 

I took the radio as well, if I am to find the Militia, I will hopefully be able to determine their location off where they describe. Malk is still alive, he has that fire, a sheer determination that keeps himself and his team alive. 

The most interesting conversation was him and another survivor who found the Militia's frequency, she sounded quite young.

"Oh god, please tell me someones out there?" the young woman cried into the radio, there was a sound of something grinding near her. 

"This is Malk Raynes of the Militia, please identify yourself?" His voice seemed so calm, but there was gunfire about him.

"Oh god, my name's Tiffany, please help, oh god, my boyfriend.." Her voice trailed off. 


"Allright Tiffany, you're going to have to help me. I have a team in the area, we can help you, but you need to keep calm and tell me where you are." There was a soft breathing on the radio as Malk whispered orders to someone.


"I..I we're in a large green building on boyfriend I I think he's bitten! Oh god, so much blood..." Malk cut her off before she can continue.


"Tiffany, was he bitten?" No response, "Tiffany, I have a responsibility to my team, if you cannot tell me I cannot help you. Now, was he bitten?" There was silence again before she blurted out.


"Yes, ok, he was bitten by one of those zombies out there, now help us?" She was getting frantic at this point. Malk, still in that same calm demenour as before.


"Tiffany, I'm sorry, but he's bitten, that means he will eventually change into one of them, you can't save him. Get away from him immediately and we'll help you. I have my second in command heading your way now. I'm just about to make my way there too. She's a small brown haired girl and I'm wearing a long black duster, you're gonna have to look for me ok? Wave, so I can see you." Oompa's voice clicked on


"Slag Malk, I see it, just a few shamblers. Any chance Wolf can do a little crowd control?" Another voice, slow and almost gravelly clicked on.


"I see you're location, five shamblers, and something on the roof, guessing a yourself. Setting up Dragonov, will have cover for you in two minutes." I can only assume Wolf must be another member, from the sounds of it an older one at that. Before long the one called Wolf clicked back on. 


"God dammit, Oompa, the stalker saw you, move it!!" There was a few sharp snaps as he tried to pick off the zombie on the roof, "Son of a...he's zig zagging, I can't snipe. Malk, do something!" There was a shriek through the radio followed by several gunshots and profanity. 


"Stupid zombie, god dammit! I got it's blood all over me," Oompa cursed several times. Wolf and Malk both laughed, "Sorry Kid, but at least the blood isn't an issue as long as you weren't bitten." She sputtered a response, "When we get back to headquarters, I am taking both your shower times!!"


The radio clicked off, I smiled to myself, they seemed like they were family, a rather disorderly and quite bizzare family, but a family nonetheless. 


I will write my next transmission in the city. I hope you are all safe.

The End

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