Rose: Still Here, Sort Of...

It's good to see others are still keeping on. I have to admit, it isn't easy. I'm scared. I don't want to let on to Chris or David just how scared. I know I should be getting used to this. It isn't a nightmare, it isn't going to just end. I'm not going to wake up. It's been going on for months. I just can't get used to it. I can't get used to no more Saturday morning cartoons or rare shopping trips to the city. I can't get used to my parents being dead. I can't get used to zombies taking over my town.

I find myself looking at the knives, the guns, even the pills in our medical supplies in a new light. I always thought suicide was just stupid, but now I have to wonder. Is it worth hanging around, continuing to fight, all to eventually have some zombie attack me, bite me, make me one of them. I don't want to die like that. I really, really don't want to die like that.

Ok. Trying not to think about it. Anyway, if I die I'll just become one of them. Unless there's so little left of me together that it can't happen.

Sorry about that. It's getting to me being out here with just Chris and David. The two of them get fighting and all I want to do is tell them to shut up and get away by myself for a while. None of us can get any privacy, we can't get away. It's stick together or die. So far none of us have died.

Our stockpile of supplies is pretty impressive. Turns out there were a few other fully-stocked shelters and we got them looted. We even found a few books. I wouldn't have read any of them before, but now it's better than us yelling at each other.

Not sure what it's like in other places.  We can get around if we're careful, but I don't think any of the vehicles here are up to a long drive. The zerker who came through here did a number on a bunch of them. I found a couple of them stacked like dominoes. Scary thought. I'm so glad that thing left before we got back. I'm scared it's going to come back though. David says it won't, says there's no reason, not for just three of us. I'm not sure I believe him though.

I just wish we could get out. I'd feel safer if it wasn't just us. Chris keeps telling me we're safer out here with just us. City must mean more people and more zombies hunting those people. But what if he's wrong? Maybe that would make us safer. I don't know.

Just... don't stop writing. Please. I need to know we aren't the only three left. Our radio signal is kinda spotty. We're pretty far out.

Cassandra? Are you still out there?

The End

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