Malk - From here on Out

War Journal

My names Malk, well Malkael but Malk is a functional for a radio call. I run the Militia. We're a simple survival group, designed to do small rescues, gather supplies, and keep what peace we can.

Our camp runs 200 small, however everyone has a task, from medical to retriever, we all do our part. However, only three of us compose the Militia, myself, I make the calls, and lead the crew. I've got a knack with things that go boom, which considering some of the shamblers setting off my proxy mines, isn't a bad thing.

Next there's the Oompa Loompa, she's a czech girl, we rescued from the hospital when we heard her cursing. Not really sure on how the name is pronounced, but she's only 4'8 and swings a shovel like a baseball pro.Not sure about her past, she doesn't say a whole lot, the other members seem to be uneasy with her too. Not my problem, she seems to follow orders when required.

Finally, there's the Wolf, he didn't give me a name. He stated in times of war, his team gives up their real names. He's an old guy, but can conduct surgery with his rifle, I make it a priority to make sure he gets a clean view of the field, he's saved me and Oompa more then once, he planted a spitter between the eyes with less then a foot away from myself. I know he's strongly religious and lost his family on the outbreak, I think he's working with me as his way of making amends.

The others, well, died and we haven't found anyone fitting the bill for replacing them. After the Medusa incident we keep ourselves in close proximity. The elephant man tore our demo crew apart, our active combat units are starting to dwindle. At least I managed to do a number on him the last time. I heard him scrapping with a car near the outskirts of town, a few concussion grenades definitely set him off. However, it didn't stop him, zerkers are the worst of all mutations I've seen to date. They will literally fight until either they're completely trashed, or they mangle their prey. Last zerker beat one of my own till he was nothing but a mess, the best way to take one of them apart is with a Molotov, burns em till there is nothing left to bash with.

Anyways, only thing I can say to you out there. Be careful, don't confront any shamblers. If you see strange zombies, keep away, and if you are in the city. Be sure to avoid the zoo, there are reports of the massive berserker we've dubbed "Elephant Man"

We broadcast on FM frequency 101.25 Listen in on directions, any large scale outbreaks, and how to find us. We do not stop the broadcast.

Keeping Guard on the Late Shift


The End

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