Rose: Out in the Wilderness

I am so glad I found this! We weres starting to wonder if there was anyone else out there, anyone else left alive.

My name is Rose. Rosemary actually, but I like Rose better. I'm a 16 year old girl and my town now consists of me, my older brother David, and my boyfriend Chris. Everyone else is out there. Dead. Well, not exactly. Not anymore.

Chris, David and I had been out camping. We'd heard some rumours about stuff happening in the cities, but we live kinda out in the middle of nowhere, figured it would be fixed. I mean, that's what the government is for, right? Save us all? Get the scientists to find a cure, isolate the infected. That's what's supposed to happen with a disease. That's what always happens on tv and in the movies.

Yeah. Naive, right? Well I used to believe it. Not anymore. Now I know better. The government were the first ones to run and hide.

Anyway, we were out camping. It's easy to be somewhere remote out here, somewhere with nobody around. No cell reception out where we were. We all wanted to just get away. Turns out it was the best thing we could have done.

We drove back into town and everything was a mess. We'd only been gone a few days, but whatever happened must have happened fast. Sounds like maybe it was one of those... zerkers? Looked like something big had gone through anyway. Maybe there were more. I guess if like produces like, then we must have had some.. shamblers or whatever, and I think some spitters. That's all that's here now at least.

I think they might be organized. The zombies I mean. At least kinda. It really seems like they came through here together. It's remote. It isn't like they would all be likely to just randomly wander out here in search of food. We aren't, I mean weren't, that big a place. They wiped it all out within three days. 

It all sounds so crazy. I feel like I'm stuck in some nightmare and I can't get out. I keep hoping I'll wake up, but so far nothing. So far I'm still stuck out here with Chris and my brother.

We got into one of the shelters. A few crazies moved into the town years ago, built bomb shelters or whatever. Well, it was well stocked. Ammo, food, water. Medical supplies. Stuff I'm pretty sure they should not have had their hands on.

We go out every so often. Scavenging. We got a bunch of solar cells, a couple laptops, radios. Any weapons we find we grab. So far the ... zombies. God it's hard to think of them that way. I think I saw my mom yesterday! It's hard to tell sometimes, they don't look quite right. But she was my mom. But so far the zombies aren't taking weapons, they haven't trashed houses completely, haven't destroyed solar cells. Maybe we're just lucky and it was the zerker running the show when they came out here.

From what we can tell, the only ones left here are the people who belong here. We haven't seen anyone we can't identify at least. I don't know what that means, but I figured someone else should know. In case it matters, in case it's important.

I need to go now. It's my shift to keep watch. So far the steel doors are holding. I just hope none of them figure out how to use explosives. We haven't cleared all the houses yet. I'm sure there's stuff still out there.

I'll write again when there's time. If we're still here.

The End

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