Cassandra - Escape

Two months have now passed in my safe haven. I've been interested in the communication of the group known as Malk, Oompa, and several others. I've determined they're a Militia group in the city. They've chosen to stand against the dead, and keep their friends and others safe. 


I may want to meet them soon, if only just to thank Malk for saving me. The elephant man is still running amok, they've called him a zerker, I'm only assuming berserker. They've also been been able to determine the grounds of infection as well, and which zombie signs lead to them being more of a threat. 


First off, the spitters, they're a group of zombies who've evolved the ability to project a large ball of bile and other stomach acids into the air, this payload is fatal if it touches you. It's swarming with the zombie virus, which I now learn has been called the Z-Virus. Malk lost two of his companions to these spitters, if anything I'll consider them highly dangerous. He sounded extremely calm as he put a round into the skull of his comrades. 


Next off, the screamers and medusa's, these two zombies have developed the ability to paralyze their victim either by sound or with a gaze. This seems to be a talent that the virus must have picked up from another species if someone is caught in range of their howl, or meets their piercing gaze, they'll be rendered immobile for the zombie to feed upon the subject, the males seem to be the ones capable of screaming, the females are the medusa. The only known counters are to plug your ears or avert your eyes, on that note. I've heard an odd howling the last two nights. I will check the panelling to be safe. 


The water supply has become tainted, I've noticed over the last little while the water is a sickly green as to the usual clear, thankfully I filled up every container I could find. I'll have enough water to last me at least a month, however I am starting to suspect my haven is slowly becoming less safe. I've found claw marks in the solid oak panels on my door the following mornings, meaning something knows I'm in there now. I've got two options, properly secure this cabin, or consider returning to the city. 


I will decide come the morning, my car is low on fuel so this is going to be a one way trip if I decide to take that path. 



The End

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