End of Life, A Zombie Survivor Tale


Entry 1. 


My name is Cassandra, this is the end of life. 


I guess I should explain a little more first. Three years ago, there was an outbreak, nothing anyone had ever seen before in their life. Those zombie movies you go to see with your friends. Well, it's nothing compared to the real thing.


It was first noticed when the news reported a few of the homeless biting people, these people died in a matter of hours. The problem, is they didn't stay dead for very long. They came back, and started biting others, they were hungry. The government declared a state of emergency, people got more scared, people became suspicious of each other. Within the first week, the walking dead were growing in numbers, the first service to give up was the police. It was if they had accepted their fate, there were a few good cops who tried to help keep the peace even after the station shut down. 


The hospitals became overcrowded next, people paranoid of everything from scratches to the legitimately infected. When you're in trouble, you can always feel the hospitals would be a place to go. This is where the majority of the dead came back, it was as if someone brought their food directly to them. 


Thankfully in this day and age, power and the web, for what it's worth are still going. The system is run by machines, and for as long as those machines still work. I and what others are out there have power.


Now a little about myself I guess, I'm a 23 year old librarian at Athena Springs Library, I was there when the outbreak began. I'm not a hero by any stretch of the imagination, but I knew I had to get out of the library immediately. There were too many entrances, and too many ways for them to get inside, and if the zombies weren't bad enough, the rioters were the additional problem. They were feral, putting down anyone they suspect was a zombie, at least the dead were only on foot. They had guns, vehicles, weapons, the main streets were a bad idea. 


I slipped down the back alleys to get away, thankfully the dead would be drawn towards groups of the living, and I was on my own. If I could get to my car I could at least get to somewhere safe, somewhere isolated. I thought of my parent's cottage out in the country. It was isolated, especially this time of year, there would hopefully be very few residents. 


When the public service announcements began, they only talked about how to avoid the slow shambling zombies. There were others, the virus began to mutate. With each new mutation a new type of zombie began. At first the reports were only about the shamblers, the slow sluggish zombies, they only have the ability to walk and bite, and neither of them are very good. However, after a few weeks there were reports of other types of zombies, those capable of spitting their bile in an acidic blob capable of burning and infecting whatever it touches, others even were capable of stopping a survivor with it's gaze or an ear shattering scream. Even stories of faster, smarter violent zombies known to pummel their meal half to death before they feed. These were the zombies you had to fear. 


This was the one that trashed my car on the way out of town. It came at my faded blue pacer like a freight train. This man must have been a large individual when he was alive. The virus took that and made him even bigger, his muscles bulging against his rotten frame. He must have been able to beat out the shamblers to their food supply, keeping him stronger then the rest.


I thought I was going to be crushed inside my car then torn to shreds by this monster, his eyes were a sickly yellow, his teeth looked like someone took a bunch of daggers, wedged them in his mouth and left him to his own devices. The smell was enough to suffocate me, I screamed at my car to move. Then there was an explosion, forcing him off my car and pushing me out of harms reach. The massive zombie turned towards the source of the explosion, a man, maybe late twenties stood there, a bandolier of grenades in hand. He looked a little shocked that the zombie didn't die off the first grenade but hurled several more before jumping to shelter. 


I wasn't going to question providence, the instant all four wheels were on the ground I was on my way out of the city, there were several more explosions by my unknown savior as I left the city limits, past the various metal skeletons of vehicles that tried to leave before me. I hope he is allright.


I will write my next entry once I have set up some sort of shelter at the cottage.


The End

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