Chapter 2

II. Signs


Maria's voice broke the silence in the car, her waking form disorientated for a moment before she began to completely get back her bearings. Observing her surroundings, her eyes scanned over the familiar garage the car was parked  in currently. Yet she didn’t fail to notice how the garage door was bolted down so nothing would come inside.

Unbuckling her seatbelt quickly, she got out, standing there for a few moments trying to make herself believe it was all just a dream. A dream that would soon fade away into the dark recesses of her mind, but that moment was short lived as her body jumped from hearing a gunshot cut through the silence.

“Allan where are you?” she cried out, her eyes widening in fear and her breath coming out erratically.

Maria’s fear of being alone was getting to her as goose bumps made its way up and down her arms, the hairs standing up as she became alert. Stumbling over the things scattered on the ground, she made her way towards the door leading inside the house. Stepping inside, Maria nervously and fearfully made her way down the hall, its walls splattered with blood.

Trembling, her small hands came up to cover her mouth, her sobs coming out as a soft whimper. Against the wall laid a decaying body of a young female, her arms consorted in a painful way and her mouth rottening off the hinges of the jaw bone.

Footsteps quickly moved towards her direction. Having nowhere to turn to, she turned around to bolt but was stopped at the sound of a gun cocking.

“Maria?” A familiar voiced asked, the voice ringing in her ears as she tried to decipher who the voice belonged to.

Maria cautiously turned around as her eyes scanned the person’s face. A sigh of relief escaping from her mouth.

“Daniel, thank goodness your alive,” she spoke, her body quickly moving to where he was as her arms embraced him tightly. “Where’s Allan? Where’s the rest of your family?”

Chuckling Daniel placed his gun back in its holder, his hands coming up to rest on Maria’s shoulders.

“Allan is upstairs digging through my parents safe looking for guns and testing them out. I was packing some foods that are canned and can be easily eaten uncooked or cooked,” he replied as he turned back around and went towards the kitchen.

“And your family?”

There was an uncomfortable silence between them as she asked. Daniel paused as her glanced back to look at her.

“See that body over there? That’s was my mom until my dad infected her.”

Maria’s tensed as she looked back at the body and turned back to Daniel. Her eyes watered again as she bowed her head to try to cover her eyes with her bangs.

“I’m sorry to hear that,” she spoke softly, her voice barely being heard by Daniel, who went back to packing.

Hearing the soft thuds of someone running down the steps, Maria turned slightly to look at Allan, his face stern and serious.

“We have got to get moving again.”

Daniel nodded as he slung the two oversized backpacks over his shoulders.

“Alright. On the move here we go.”

Allan quickly shoved a few guns in Daniel’s hands as he quickly glanced at Maria nervously as he handed her two pistols.

“You know how to use this right?” he asked, his expression showing something keen to mock concern.

Maria rolled her eyes and grabbed the two pistols from Allan, her eyes slightly narrowing as she watched Daniel lightly chuckle. Following them, she sighed as she got in the back of the car this time with Daniel in the passenger.

Allan turned in the driver’s glancing back at Maria once more with a grave expression on his face.

“Maria, I’m going to need you to close your eyes and not to open them until I say so okay?”

Maria looked at Allan then to Daniel who nodded his head, agreeing to what he had just said. Without even thinking about why she had to, Maria closed her eyes tightly and sat back in the seat, her hands gripping unto the seatbelt tightly as she felt the car being reeved up. 

“Whoop! Here we go!” shouted Daniel, his voice filling up the car with his excitement.

Allan pressed the gas pedal with his feet forcefully and reversed quickly out of the garage, his hands quickly turning the wheel before changing gears and driving fast down the neighborhood.

“Gee Al, you drive like a mad man!”

Allan ignored him and swerved down the corner that was about to be blocked by a military tank, narrowly escaping it.

“They were sent to purge this town. Of course I’m driving crazy,” spoke Allan, his attention focused on road ahead of him. “You can open your eyes now Maria.”

Maria opened her eyes as she observed the small back road they seemed to be taking to get to another town. Leaning forward from her seat, she held unto his shoulders and squinted her eyes as she looked out of the windshield.

“What…what is that up ahead?”

Daniel looked over to Allan, then to looking outside in front of them. What they saw wasn’t anything they were prepared for.

The End

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