Encounters with the Infected

Allan and Maria, new teen newly weds that are just starting their lives, struggles as a new epedemic comes and spreads across the United States. Now under quarantine, no one can get out of the country and no one can get in and with the struggle of surviving, Maria's worse nightmare may be starting and also may be starting for the new life forming inside her.

Encountes with the Infected

I. Not Quite Dead

What was it like to die?
I had always asked this question to myself; each answer leaving me empty and unfulfilled. Yet it still gave me that feeling of longing to find out. And what doesn't hurt me along the way might just kill me.

"Maria. Maria get up."

As her body jerked forward, Maria groaned and gripped the covers tightly around her.

"Five more minutes Allan."

She heard Allan sigh as she felt the covers leave her body, the cold air giving her goose bumps against her skin.

"We don't have five minutes to waste. Get up."

Huffing, Maria sat up lazily, her eyes still drooping from waking up. Then looking around the room and outside the window, she noticed the sun was barely out yet.

"Allan what's going on?" She asked, her eyes observing the room until they stopped on two neatly packed bags, "What are those?"

Allan looked down by the door and then turned his attention back towards her.

"We have to leave Maria. The inevitable has happened." He replied, a serious tone edging at his voice out of the softness.

Maria looked at Allan, her confused expression fading to a graver expression. Standing up from her position on the bed, she walked over to the window and slowly brought back the curtains.

People all over the neighborhood in their houses packed up their cars with the necessary things that they needed. Soldiers in tanks rolled down the streets while the rest patrolled the areas with their riffles in hand. Turning around to face Allan, Maria nodded her head in understanding.

"So it’s true. The government has quarantined the whole country."

Allan sighed, "Yes. It is true. The virus has gotten out and it is spreading."

Maria ran her hands through her short dyed crimson red hair. Her hands shook as she swiftly moved across the room and into the bathroom.

After a couple of minutes in there refreshing herself, she quickly grabbed her blanket from when she was younger and wrapped it around, its sentimental value giving her comfort. Trying not to tear up, her shoulders began shaking as her plan to keep it all in failed.

Crying silently, she hugged herself and began to let it all go. Tremors racked through her body as she sniffled. Allan watched with sad eyes as he walked towards her and wrapped his arms around her waist.

“I know its hard to take in at once and leave our home.” He spoke softly, his arms tightening around her and pulling her close, “It pains me to leave this place as well.”

Calming down, Maria nodded her head and with trembling hands wiped the tears from her eyes. Looking up into Allan’s eyes, she smiled weakly and gave a nod of her head.

“If everything goes as plan, we may be able to come back right?”

Allan smiled down at her, “Yes. If everything turns out right.”

 Feeling his grip loosen up around her waist, Maria grabbed a hold of his hands and walked over to the packed bags. Grabbing one and throwing it over her shoulder, she watched as Allan did the same. Walking out of the bedroom and into the hallway, she looked up at the pictures that hung there. Would she ever see those pictures again or for the matter this place she worked so hard for to call her home? Shaking her head she highly doubted it. Entering into the living room, she slipped out of Allan’s grip as she ran towards the cabinet.

            “You can’t leave these behind.” She stated, her hands opening up the cabinet and pulling out both their trinkets from their engagement party.

            Smiling sadly, she walked back over to Allan and slipped her hand back inside of his.

            “I’m ready now.” She stated, as she took a deep breathe in and looked up at him.

Hearing the warning alarm outside, Allan fished out his gun from his back pocket as his grip tightened. Opening the front door a loud groaning sound was heard as people were screaming and running down the stairs.

Before Maria could even see who stood in front of the door, the piercing sound from the gun filled her ears and was soon followed by a loud thud.

            “C’mon, the virus has gotten here.”

Shaking even more and panicking, Maria’s legs moved at a quick pace as Allan pulled her in the direction less people were going.

            “Here? Now? That fast?” She asked, hysteria edging its way at her voice as she tried not to hyperventilate.

            “Yes, Maria. Don’t you even start panicking now. You  are going to make it out alive.”

            As they busted through the exit door, countless people were running into their cars and running away from the people who were infected with the virus. The military was shooting at them, some of them mistaking innocent people for the ones that were diseased.

            With shaky hands, Maria quickly worked her hands on the passenger door of the car as she got their, realizing that the door was still locked.

            “Allan its locked. Allan the door is still locked!”

Looking around her and ignoring the swear words that came from Allan’s mouth as he began to look for his keys, she screamed in fright as an infected noticed her and came charging her way.

            “Its coming at me! Oh my gosh Allan hurry up!”

Quickly unlocking the car doors, Allan cursed as his hands wouldn’t steady, then finally opening the door, he jumped in and started the ignition. Watching as Maria nearly fall right in, he slammed the car door shut and watched as the infected press its face against the glass as his hands banged at it.

            “Drive! Drive! Drive!” shouted Maria, her body trembling with fear as she squirmed in her seat.

            “I’m driving! Calm the hell down!”

            Pushing his feet on the gas pedal, he sped off down the street, dodging people from left to right and dodging the cars that were strewn about in the street. Once on the highway, everything calmed for the moment as few cars could be seen speeding to get to safety.

            Maria’s eyes were wide as saucers as she sat in the passenger seat. Her face was ghostly pale considering her skin tone was a dark caramel. Trying to calm herself down, she tightly closed them and opened them.

            “Oh my goodness.” She said, as she sat back in her seat, her hands hugging herself tightly, “We’re going to die. I can’t do this. They didn’t say this type of virus that made everyone crazy for flesh. Oh my gosh, I’m going to die.”

            “Stop it! Stop saying that!” shouted Allan, his eyes glancing at her for a moment before turning his attention back on the road, “Find your happy place, count to ten and calm down. We are not going to die. We are not quite dead yet.”

            Maria looked aghast as she rocked back and forth in her seat, “Not quite! Not quite! We might as well be. No where is safe!”

            Allan sighed and turned on the radio, flicking through the stations he stopped when he heard the news reporters. So far there were nowhere safe and there were no one saying anything about some type of cure or a way stopping it.

This was going to be a long long journey.

The End

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